Machine Vision Will Replace Human Vision

- Jun 19, 2019-

In recent years, industrial robots have entered the manufacturing industry on a large scale, and the substitution of machines has been triggered. More and more manufacturers are beginning to use robotics to increase the efficiency and flexibility of their production lines and to achieve flexible manufacturing in the Industrial 4.0 model. Wang Xingang said that the robot system includes the processor, motion control, sensors and network, which correspond to the human brain, limbs, senses and nerves, respectively, and machine vision is one of the last replaced organs.

With the development of hardware level and software technology, the machine vision system capability has been greatly improved. With the help of artificial intelligence algorithms, machine vision has become more and more intelligent, and it also highlights machine vision in manufacturing. The advantages.

Machine vision will replace human vision

The machine vision automatic identification system can replace human labor, further alleviating the problem that labor-intensive enterprises cannot recruit people. In manufacturing lines, machine vision can be integrated with robots, which can replace the human eye, brain and hands to perform complex tasks, and is less costly and efficient than traditional manpower.

Machine vision can work tirelessly, and when it is doing a lot of repetitive work, it can overcome the disadvantages of fatigue of the human eye, and can maintain high precision and high speed for a long time. Compared with human beings, machine vision is more adaptable to harsh working conditions and can work in harsh environments that are harmful to people. The increasingly outstanding performance of machine vision, replacing human vision will be a big trend.