Main Applications Of Industrial Panel PC

- Jun 14, 2019-

As we all know, Industrial Panel PCs are mainly used for process control or data acquisition. The industrial site can be integrated into the machine, placed into the cabinet or placed on the operating table, metal cabinet, and displayed through the man-machine interface (HMI).

Main applications of Industrial Panel PC

Using RFID, mobile Internet and other technologies to achieve mobile intelligent inspection and inspection functions in transmission, power transformation, power distribution, etc., to achieve lean, closed-loop management. It can also realize automatic, fast and accurate reading of the storage and collection stations, which greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse management.

Used in telecommunications, power, multimedia, defense, automation equipment, manufacturing and other fields, leading digital for human-machine interface, thin client, PLC and POS communication and control terminals.

Through RFID, sensors, video surveillance, wireless transmission and other technologies, real-time monitoring of the flow of fireworks and firecrackers, real-time monitoring of warehouses, real-time monitoring and warning of warehouse temperature and humidity, video monitoring and alarming, etc., thereby reducing the incidence of safety production accidents.

Digital hospitals serve as bedside service terminals and outpatient terminals to improve hospital service and management.

The modernization of the logistics system may exceed the imagination of many people. A complete and modern logistics system can almost replace human work, including scanning, testing, analysis, processing, automatic packaging, classification and many other aspects. Industrial Panel PCs are among them. The application is very extensive and there are so many successful cases.

The application cases of industrial Panel PCs in the environmental protection industry are gradually climbing, mainly due to the state's construction of automatic real-time monitoring system for pollution sources. This work needs to automatically transfer tens of thousands of signals to the main station, which requires a large amount of collection. The signal, while industrial Panel PCs, especially embedded industrial tablets, can play a very good demonstration effect.

Media (advertising) players or inquiring terminals in public places such as banks, shopping centers, hotels, train stations, buses, subway stations and parks.

As a family service terminal, the high-end community realizes intercom, message, cost inquiry, commodity ordering, appliance management, temperature and humidity control.