Major Benefits Of Using A Industrial Panel PC For Industrial Applications

- Jun 25, 2019-

As we are more reliant on computers these days, we also realize the importance of these devices in enhancing work-efficient culture in many industries. However, some of the industries have rigorous working environments which demand specialized devices like computers and tablets. Several industries are now utilizing industrial panel PC systems to do a number of tasks and as part of their daily operations. This device is already being adopted by industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing plants, marine, military, and civil and construction sector, among others.


High-Performance Device

Having a ruggedized system for industrial use ensures long-term usage of the device whether it is a PC, tablet or mobile. There’s also the wide range of choices for processors for smooth performance and the capability to do complicated tasks. Depending on your needs and specifications, you can also have a customized panel PC such as an integrated failsafe automotive HDDs and SDDs or bootable storage media to improve data security and overall system reliability. Moreover, panel PCs may also come with a flexible connectivity to connect various peripherals like barcode scanners, etc.


Protection from Unwanted Elements

In a typical industrial working environment, the production floor can be surrounded by various elements and it requires a system that can withstand such environmental issues. With rugged panel PCs, it has resistant-features for protection against dust, sand, moisture, and other debris that may affect the system’s progress and work efficiency. These are available with various environmental protection standards such as NEMA 4 and IP65 ratings which indicates the different debris it can endure. So, having a industrial panel PC is important for an industrial application where rugged work condition is present.


Wide Operating Temperature

Industrial work environments regularly faced extreme temperatures. Some of these can be too high or too low for a normal temperature. Regular LCDs or computers can’t handle these conditions. Thus, you need a machine that can work effectively in such temperatures without system failure or damages that will interrupt any operational work.


With panel PCs, it will auto detect the temperature in a particular area and adjust its internal temperature so that its components is able to handle any condition. For instance, if it’s in low temperature environments, its motherboard's preheating circuit will ensure that there’s a circuit warm-up and system start-up as well. For high temperature, there’s a low temperature pre-heat circuit. With these, you won’t have to worry about components failure caused by extreme or beyond normal temperatures. The same goes for other peripherals like the LCD, RAM, and SSD which are all rigorously selected for their wide temperature range capabilities.


Touch-enabled technology

Most of the panel PCs have the optional touch screen feature which is designed with the latest technology to improve productivity, accuracy, as well as real-time data sharing. These are commonly used in operator interface, process and automation control, and other machine controls depending on the application. The good thing about the touch screen technology is its user-friendliness, which can be used easily by any individual even for those without a strong background about computers. With the swipe and drag motions of your fingers, you can do complicated tasks at ease.


With all of the above-mentioned features and benefits of having an industrial panel PC in a particular industrial setting, you are rest assured that it will run effectively 24/7 throughout the year. If you are looking for such devices, check out iTech Company’s range of products. Being one of the leading innovators in the display technology industry, they are already known for high quality products. Customization is also their specialty, giving you a product based on your specifications and needs of your application.