Miao Wei: Five Measures To Accelerate The Development Of Intelligent Manufacturing Industry

- Jan 11, 2019-

On January 10, the Secretary of the Party and Group of the Ministry of Industry and Information made a joint interview with media journalists such as the People's Daily, the Xinhua News Agency, the Central Television and the Economic Daily. 

Mr. Miao said that the central economic work meeting put the “Promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry” at the top of the seven-year focus of this year, and called for the promotion of advanced manufacturing and the deep integration of the modern service industry and the firm construction of the manufacturing power. The Ministry of Industry and Information will stick to the guidance of the Chinese characteristic socialism thought of Xi Jinping's new era, and according to the requirements of the central economic work meeting to deploy and do the “Liu Wen” work, make a hard work on the “To consolidate, strengthen, promote, and smooth”, take strong measures to maintain the stable and healthy development of the industrial communication industry, to set up a new situation for the building of powerful and network power. 

Reporters: In the main task of 2019, the “Promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry” is ranked first. In the light of the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, what are the real methods for the Ministry of Engineering and Communication? 

Miao: At the meeting of the central economic work, the “Promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry”, as the first key task to be done this year, reflects the great importance attached by the Central Committee of the Central Committee to the development of the manufacturing industry, as well as the urgent need for the high-quality development of China's economy and the enhancement of international competitiveness. 

China is the world's second-largest economy with a huge domestic market, a complete industrial system, an improved innovation capacity, a convenient infrastructure and a good business environment, with sufficient flexibility to deal with the challenges. The Ministry of Industry and Information will carefully follow up the deployment of the central economic work conference, and will unswervingly build the manufacturing power and accelerate the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

1- To establish and improve the policy system, index system and evaluation system of the high-quality manufacturing of the manufacturing industry. 

2- To strengthen the capacity-building of the innovation, and to continue to carry out the construction of the national manufacturing innovation center. To break the “the valley of death” from the basic research and the application to the industrialization, to promote the industrialization of scientific research results and to strengthen the research of key common technology. 

3- To deepen the structural adjustment of the manufacturing industry, implement a new round of major technological transformation and upgrade, and guide the upgrading of the traditional industries. Promote the development of new industries such as artificial intelligence and new energy vehicles. In-depth implementation of intelligent manufacturing engineering and the development of a number of advanced manufacturing clusters. 

4- To optimize the development environment of the manufacturing industry, further relax the market access, reduce the institutional transaction costs, and promote the development of science and technology, finance, talents and the manufacturing industry. Promote the further reduction of the manufacturing-value-added tax rate of the manufacturing industry, and continuously reduce the cost of the factors such as electricity consumption and water consumption in the manufacturing industry. "

5- To further expand the opening to the outside world, fully implement the management system of national treatment before entry and negative list, and implement the open-door policy of automobile, ship and aircraft." 

Reporter: The private enterprise accounts for 90% of the number of enterprises, most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises, the central government has developed a “Dingxin Pills” for the private enterprise development, how to accurately deliver the “Dingxin Pills” to the position? 

Miao: The main body of the small and medium-sized enterprises and the private enterprises is the important achievement of the development of the socialist market economy in our country, and it is also a new force for the development of high quality. As the department responsible for promoting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, we will resolutely implement the deployment and requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and work together with the relevant departments in four areas: one is to further optimize the development environment of small and medium-sized enterprises. In order to implement the six policy initiatives of the general secretary of Xi Jinping to support the development of the private enterprises, the general secretary of Xi Jinping put forward the guidance on promoting the healthy development of the small and medium-sized enterprises by implementing the promotion law of the small and medium-sized enterprises. The second is to further improve the professional ability and level of the small and medium-sized enterprises. To cultivate the small “specialized and special“ giant "The enterprise will continue to implement the intellectual property strategy of small and medium-sized enterprises to promote the engineering and information-based promotion, and implement the three-year plan of action to promote the development of large and medium-sized enterprises." The third is to further improve the service effectiveness of the small and medium-sized enterprises, and to promote the construction of the national small and medium-sized enterprise policy information Internet publishing platform. To play the role of the national demonstration platform of the public service of small and medium-sized enterprises, and to continue to implement the enterprise management and management personnel's quality improvement project. 4. To further promote the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, which is more expensive and more expensive. To promote the perfection of the pledge financing mechanism and the production and integration of the accounts receivable and intellectual property, to play a role in the national financing guarantee fund, to implement the policy of compensation for the reduction of the financial security service of the small micro-enterprise, and to promote the establishment of the government and the silver, The mechanism of enterprise risk sharing further plays a leading role in the development fund of small and medium-sized enterprises. 

Reporter: How to implement the “To consolidate, strengthen, promote, and smooth” 's eight-word policy, what are the real methods to support the smooth development of the industrial economy? 

Miao: In 2019, we will work on the “To consolidate, strengthen, promote, and smooth” of eight words, further deeply advance the structural reform of the industrial supply side, consolidate the production capacity results, and promote the higher production capacity surplus industry to accelerate the development. To improve the level of industrial chain, to strengthen key core technology and major short-board research, to promote the optimization and upgrading of traditional industries as an important measure to carry out high-quality development, and to increase technical transformation and equipment updating. To enhance the vitality of the enterprise's development, deepen the “tube-tube” reform, continuously optimize the business environment of the enterprise, encourage and support the non-public capital to participate in the restructuring of the state-owned enterprises in the manufacturing sector, and build a world-class manufacturing enterprise with global competitiveness. To cultivate a group of “single champion” enterprises focusing on the sub-division, vigorously carry forward the spirit of the entrepreneur, and encourage the entrepreneurs to focus on the industry and make the master industry. Open the circulation of industrial economy, promote the virtuous circle of industrial production and domestic market, promote the virtuous circle of industrial economy and finance, and deepen the integration of production and melting. 

Reporter: The Central Economic Work Conference points out to speed up the 5G business pace. What will 5G bring? How can I push the Ministry of the Works? 

Miao: The core driving effect of the mobile communication infrastructure on the economic and social development is becoming more and more prominent, and the 5G has the characteristics of higher rate, lower time delay and greater connection, and will be integrated with the new technologies such as artificial intelligence, large data, Internet of things, etc. Further in all walks of life, speed up production activities to the digital, network, intelligent direction evolution and upgrade, to stimulate various innovative applications such as intelligent network, remote medical operation and so on, to change our society. 

5G will build a new generation of information infrastructure of the Internet of Everything and become a new engine for the development of social digital economy and transformation and upgrading of all walks of life. We're not only building 5G, but it's more important to find ways to use good 5G. One is to speed up the maturity of the 5G terminal. The second is to speed up the process of network construction. continuously deepen the C-V2X-based vehicle networking standard system, industry coordination and demonstration application, and accelerate the integration application of the industrial Internet and the 5G, and further promote the collaborative innovation in the fields of 5G and agriculture, transportation, medical treatment, education and the like. Organize to carry out the second phase of the 5G application collection, and gather the power of all parties to promote the development of the 5G application. 

Reporter: China's information consumption is growing rapidly, according to the data in 2018. Do you think this year's information consumption will grow rapidly? What are the boost factors? 

Miao: With the deep integration of the new generation of information communication technology and the economic and social fields, the information consumption has become one of the most active, growing and most extensive emerging consumer areas. With the upgrading of the upgrading of the consumption structure and the wide acceptance of the new consumption concept, the information consumption will continue to grow rapidly in 2019, and play a more important role in the reform of the quality of the economic development, the efficiency change and the power change. The boosting factor mainly includes four aspects, such as the improvement of the institutional mechanism for promoting consumption, the continuous evolution of information infrastructure, the active innovation of the new generation of information communication technology, the acceleration of the manufacturing industry and the like.

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