Need A High Brightness 1000 Nits With Light Sensor, Open-frame, P-cap. Touch Panel PC?

- Apr 13, 2018-

Background: Last week, one customer sent a enquiry to us, and looking for a Panel PC for their outdoor automatic payment machine application. Since it will be mounted outdoor, probably under sunlight; Its machine run a very small Linux based application, and don't request a Core CPU processor; Also, he need the Panel PC open-frame mounting to his machine.

We TAICENN checked our current product design, and decided to ODM a solution and product to meet his requests. We made some changes on the current design, and add high brightness 1000 nits, and light sensor features into the products.

Our ODM product model is TPC-OPC150C1H-4G-32GS. And it is a Intel Baytrail J1900, Open-frame, P-cap touch Panel PC, 4GB RAM, 32GB SSD, high brightness 1000 nits with light sensor. Main features as below:

  1- Magnesium aluminum panel, and sheet metal box structure, front panel PET Film, IP65 rating water-proof;

  2- 15'' TFT LCD, multi-point (10 points) projective capacitive touch screen;

  3- High brightness 1000 nits, with light sensor;

  4- On-board Intel Bay trail J1900 2.0 Ghz quad-core processor, up to DDR3L 8GB memory;

  5- 2* Intel I211AT 10/100/1000Mbps network interface, expansive Wi-Fi/3G/4G;

  6- 6* RS232, with magnetic coupling isolation, surge and electrostatic protection;

  7- 6 USB (1* USB 3.0 and 5* USB 2.0);

  8- DC 9~24V DC power input, with over-current, over-voltage and reverse polarity protection;

  9- Open-frame Mounting

  10- I/O: HDMI/2*GLAN/4*USB/4RS232/1*RS422/Audio.

Product pictures for your reference.

High brightness 1000 nits touch panel pc

High brightness 1000 nits touch panel pc

High brightness 1000 nits touch panel pc

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