Network Security In Industry 4.0 Applications

- Jun 16, 2019-

Of course, all of these connections raise serious concerns about cybersecurity and, in turn, new technologies designed to protect intellectual property, customer information, and operational data from snooping.

In order to maintain the security of advanced manufacturing infrastructure, several key issues need to be addressed. Authentication must be performed and access control to plant networks and network physical systems; reliable and encrypted communication between partners is critical to protecting data in transit; data centers that store and analyze industrial information require powerful numbers and physics Protection to prevent potential hacking.

Some of these technologies are still relatively new, so that their safety has not received enough attention. Even industrial-scale heating and cooling equipment, if it uses the IIoT for remote operation and diagnostics, is a potential point of failure and is easily exploited by cybercriminals.

Extensive collaboration across smart factories and supply chains means very careful review of equipment and hardware and software vendors. Major technology companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Cisco, General Electric and Oracle are providing networking solutions for industrial IoT and future industries. Ultimately, however, it depends on whether the facility manager, CTO, and CEO are fully aware of the underlying technology to make informed, informed decisions when choosing a partner.