On-board Computer Helps Car Intelligent Management

- Mar 16, 2020-

With the rapid development of the automotive industry and the increase in people's requirements for driving experience, more and more companies are involved in the field of automotive intelligence, and the application of on-board computers is becoming more and more widespread.

1. On-board computer helps car safety management

Through the vehicle computer data processing terminal + cloud service mode, combined with the vehicle design and the application of related sensors, supplemented by location information, combined with mobile Internet technology, it provides value-added services of "full monitoring". For example, when the vehicle encounters abnormal conditions such as towing, intrusion, etc., the manufacturer's service center will immediately issue an early warning notification to the owner and have the stolen positioning function. For various types of accidents that may occur, the service center will provide the owner with SOS emergency rescue, Airbags trigger corresponding rescue services such as automatic help.


2. On-board computer helps car energy management

The on-board computer obtains the driver's driving habits data through sensor data, such as the user's road conditions through the gravity acceleration sensor, the driver's driving habits through the engine and fuel consumption data of the car, and regularly provides analysis reports to summarize the driver's driving experience. Poor driving habits to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption; through the high-precision positioning system in the industrial tablet, high-definition precise lines are provided to reduce unnecessary line errors, detours, and misalignments in navigation, reduce automobile fuel consumption, and save energy and environmental protection.

3. On-board computer helps cars to experience effectively

The on-board computer analyzes the vehicle's faults in time and reports them through a comprehensive fault inspection of the vehicle. Analyze the results according to the fault status, classify the faults and report the effective treatment plan, and give the analysis reasons and fault solutions.

Research considers customized needs for vehicle computers, adopts a modular design, includes network, information indication and entertainment functions, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, dust resistance, and earthquake resistance.