Policy Is Good For Smart Manufacturing

- Jan 23, 2019-

Intelligent manufacturing is based on the deep integration of new generation information communication technology and advanced manufacturing technology. It runs through all aspects of manufacturing activities such as design, production, management and service. It has self-sensing, self-learning, self-decision, self-execution and self-adaptation functions. The new mode of production is the only way to cultivate the new kinetic energy of China's economic growth. It is a strategic choice to seize the commanding heights of the future economy and science and technology development. It is of great strategic significance to achieve a strong manufacturing country.

Although China has actively promoted intelligent manufacturing in recent years and introduced a number of favorable policies, it still faces many problems in the process of developing intelligent manufacturing. In this regard, manufacturing mainstream enterprises, Internet giants and the communications industry have made efforts to accelerate the development of smart manufacturing, promote the structural reform of China's manufacturing supply side, and create a new competitive advantage in manufacturing.


After decades of rapid development, China's manufacturing industry has leapt to the top in the world, and has established a complete, independent and complete manufacturing system. However, compared with advanced countries, there are still big but not strong problems. As China's economic development enters a new normal state, economic growth shifts, structural adjustment pains, and growth kinetic energy conversion are intertwined. The extensive development model that relies mainly on resource factor input and scale expansion has been difficult to sustain. Accelerating the development of intelligent manufacturing is of great significance for promoting the structural reform of China's manufacturing supply side, cultivating new kinetic energy for economic growth, building a new manufacturing system, and promoting the manufacturing industry to move toward the middle and high end and to achieve a strong manufacturing country. The relevant policies of “Internet + Manufacturing” introduced by China in recent years are shown in the table below.

In the 2018 government work report, it was proposed to adhere to the supply-side reform as the main line, focus on cultivating and strengthening new kinetic energy, and speeding up the optimization and upgrading of the economic structure. We must rely on reform to solve the problems of economic development and structural imbalances, foster new and dynamic kinetic energy, transform and upgrade traditional industries, and improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system.

Xin Guobin, member of the Party Group and Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said at the 2018 China Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions Conference that smart manufacturing, as an important driving force for a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, is spawning a large number of new industries, new formats and new models. With intellectual empowerment and wisdom, it has injected new momentum into global manufacturing.

It is reported that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in accordance with the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, has focused on accelerating the construction of a strong country and a network powerhouse, implementing an innovation-driven development strategy, promoting the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, and promoting the scale application of the Internet of Things. Optimize the industrial ecology, break through the key core technologies, improve the standard system, accelerate the demonstration and promotion, apply the deep chemical networking in the smart city field, develop the open-loop application of the Internet of Things, promote the construction of smart cities, rapidly increase the industrial scale, and continuously improve the regional layout.

With the active promotion of relevant favorable policies and the deep integration of the new generation of information technology and manufacturing, China's smart manufacturing development has achieved remarkable results: First, the promotion of the initial formation of the system, the central linkage, the establishment of China's manufacturing digitalization, networking The development path of intelligent parallel advancement; the second is to achieve breakthroughs in key areas, a number of technical equipment and industrial software fill gaps, and initially establish intelligent manufacturing standards and industrial Internet system architecture; third, the pilot demonstrations have achieved remarkable results, and the national level implemented 305. In a pilot demonstration project, the production efficiency increased by nearly 30% on average, and a number of new models were formed to be promoted to relevant industries. Fourth, open cooperation continued to expand, in the standard system architecture, standard roadmap development, standard mutual recognition, industrial parks and training. Pragmatic cooperation has been carried out in the construction of the base.

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