Seminar New Industrial, Intelligence IoT

- Dec 14, 2018-


The seminar on the theme of "New Industry and intelligent internet of thing" was held in Shanghai on November 28 th. The conference, hosted by the Industrial Control Brothers, concluded 2018 with a tour of new industries in 2019. The whole day's activities cover scientific and technological innovation, fast-changing intelligent era environment and other current hot topics, industrial control experts and industry workers from all over the country around the industrial Internet of things, intelligent industry and other topics discussed in depth. 

In recent years, digital technology, represented by Internet, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, has been deeply integrated into various fields of society and exerted increasingly profound influence. As the brain of the whole industrial interconnected ecology, industrial computer plays an important role in the system. As a hardware carrier connecting the preceding and the following, it controls the transmission and operation of all data, and how to better ensure the quality of the industrial computer. Better fit for the future wave of intelligent manufacturing development, breakthrough "small batch, multi-batch, high cost" and other industries pain point; At the same time, in the deep-rooted market model, how to effectively use industry resources, create a common development, mutual enabling industrial platform? 

APUQI, TAICENN brand parent company, gave the final report at the meeting. Ms. Xie Mei, general manager of APUQI, gave a keynote presentation on "creating more reliable Industrial computers for Industrial interconnected Ecology." We had a deep communication with the guests. In recent years, we has set up new standards by building modules, generalizing them and solving the pain point of industrial computers. At present, there are eight host modules, 10 display panels and so on, modules can be freely composed into thousands of different types of host. In addition, new products such as machine vision, intelligent gateway and other industries have also established standards on the gateway, the two mutually promote each other, with the best value, the best quality, the fastest time, satisfies each other in the different scene to the product application demand. 

Surrounding the product, how to build the core competitiveness? In the ecological map of the industrial Internet, both the OT layer and the IT layer, industrial computers are involved. Industrial computers play a very important role both in the workshop and in the field. And grasps all the data, the network computation, the transmission, the computer once has the breakdown, all the production lines will have the breakdown, this is the biggest pain point in this industry. Therefore, creating reliable products has always been the work of us manufacturer, through the idea of strategic, strategic organization, organizational process IT erection, use of military standards system, high standard input and output. Based on the standard R & D, the management system is tracked and closed-loop. 

In addition, at the meeting, we made an important announcement of the city partners' annual summary and win-win policies, as well as the market strategy for land, sea and air.