Several Stability Analysis Of SSDs In Industrial Applications

- Nov 07, 2019-

As we all know, solid state drives (SSDs) are now used widely on all types of computing platforms, including laptops, servers, industrial applications, and even military. For different types of computing platforms, the required SSD levels are not the same, mainly determined by the read& write and using environment of the storage disk application. Below are some examples to give a brief explanation.


Application 1:
To an outdoor rail safety monitoring industry customer, for the high-speed rail safety monitoring project. Initially they used 2TB hard disk (HDD) as the OS system's storage, collected and stored a large amount of data, integrated in the special railway track detection vehicle, under outdoor direct sunlight and high temperature, it frequently crashes due to storage problems. After the project was diagnosed and replaced with an industrial wide-temperature -40~+85C solid state drive, the problem was completely solved.

Application 2:
An electronic processing factory uses machine vision solutions to detect fine materials. The images are taken through a multi-channel camera, analyzed and processed and stored in the hard disk. Because of the high image quality and large amount of data, the storage time is long, so the selection is made. 2T mechanical hard drive. The indoor environment is very good, but the long-term high-speed writing, resulting in a batch of products failure after several months of operation. After optimizing the storage solution, using 512GB solid state disk, the computer rework well agains.

Application 3:
A self-service cabinet manufacturer uses our industrial computer as the system control system. In the transportation of the whole machine, it is even strengthened by the wooden package. After long-distance transportation, it can be installed on the application site. However, it happens occasional blue screen, no startup phenomenon, after the replacement of the hard disk in the field, the problem is solved. We analyze that the whole machine equipment in the long-distance transportation process, the possible strong vibration swing makes the mechanical hard disk invalid, the problem of replacing the hard disk is solved. In order to solve the problem completely, TAICENN engineering team recommended that customers to use solid-state disk (SSD) solution with better vibration performance.

Through the above three real industrial applications, we can easily find that storage is very important for industrial field applications. User data is sometimes very sensitive and important. TAICENN strongly recommends that industrial applications to use SSD as a system disk as much as possible. The environment is equipped with an HDD for storing data.