SIA (Shanghai Intelligent Factory) Exhibition 2019

- Dec 20, 2018-

Exhibition time: February 26-March 1 2019 

Address: national Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) 

Organizer: China equipment Management Association 

                  Shanghai Lai Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. 


The company "SIA-2019 Shanghai International Intelligent Factory Exhibition" formerly known as "Shanghai International Modern Industrial Intelligent equipment Exhibition", Has successfully held many times, has become the domestic intelligent equipment industry indispensable brand exhibition. The exhibition covers the fields of industrial automation, industrial robots, industrial communications, 3C automation, AGV cars, machine vision, etc. At the same time, CME China Machine tool Exhibition directly and comprehensively serves the whole industry chain from source to terminal in intelligent factory industry. The last exhibition area of 70,000 square meters, 1200 exhibitors, 105000 professional visitors. 

Based on the success of the last exhibition, many exhibitors have expanded the exhibition area. Therefore, the exhibition area has been expanded to 90762 square meters. It is expected to attract more than 1000 enterprises and more than 100000 professional visitors. SIA-2019 will go all out to create greater value for exhibitors, we will strive to make Shanghai International Intelligent Factory Exhibition into an international event of the industry! 

Theme area: industrial automation and robot exhibition area, AGV car exhibition area, 3C automation exhibition area, machine vision exhibition area 

Professional audience field: automobile manufacturing, machine tool, medical device, aerospace, mold manufacturing, general machinery, Electronic 3C, instruments, computers and components, engineering instruments, Home appliances and other 

Exhibition scale: 90762 square meters 

Exhibitors: more than 1000 

Professional audience: more than 100000 display range

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Special Exhibiting Sections

Industrial robot and automation exhibition

Embedded System 3C Automation Show

AGV Auto Show

Machine Vision Show