SIAF Exhibition In Guangzhou

- Mar 02, 2018-


Scale of Exhibition 

Guangzhou International Exhibition of Industrial Automation Technology and equipment and Industrial Robot and Machine Vision will be held on March 4-6 at Pavilion 2.1-5.1 of China Import and Export Fair Hall A. The exhibition about 32470 square meters, special area: about 11000 square meters, stand number: about 180. 

About the Exhibition 

started in 2010, SIAF Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Technology and equipment Exhibition is one of the world famous SPS IPC Drives Electric Automation Exhibition Series in Nuremberg, Germany. Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Technology and equipment Exhibition and Industrial Robot and Machine Vision Exhibition is also a very important platform for enterprises to open up the Chinese market. The number of exhibitors reached a record 600, more than half of which are international brands. As the first industrial automation industry event in South China after the Spring Festival, SIAF's attendance is also expected to attract 55000 professional spectators, bringing the overall scale of the exhibition back to the upper floor. 

The Exhibition content 

exhibition will feature five industry themes, including "Industrial Robotics and Machine Vision," Electrical Systems, "Inductive Technology and Industrial Measurement," Connectivity Technology, "and" Intelligent warehousing, Logistics Integration Solutions, " 

The following is the product scope of the exhibition: 

industrial robot complete machine: multi-degree-of-freedom robot, detection robot, welding robot, spray robot, handling robot, manipulator and so on; 

Robot components: servo system, controller, reducer, motor, special wire and cable, sensor, embedded system, robot grip, etc;

Development platform and software: operating system, test technology and equipment, development platform, application software, etc;

Machine vision: black and white, color intelligent camera, image compression / decompression card, color acquisition card, industrial lens, industrial camera, optical source system, image processing system, machine vision integrated system, image processing software, Accessories and auxiliary products; 

Overall solution: robot solution, integrated solution, robot workstation, intelligent pipeline, etc.