Siemens Show Its Next Phase Of Digital Transformation In Machinery

- Jul 02, 2019-

With the theme "Digital Manufacturing of Machinery - Thinking about the Future of the Industry!", Siemens will present its digital enterprise solutions for the machinery industry at the 2019 Hannover International Machinery Show (EMO). The Siemens booth is located at Hall H50 in Hall 9, with an area of approximately 1,700 square meters. The company has integrated many cutting-edge technologies into its product portfolio, such as the newly designed machinery digital control system, edge and cloud computing, artificial intelligence and additive manufacturing, to lead the machinery industry into the next stage of digital transformation. Dr. Wolfgang Heuring, 

CEO of Siemens Motion Control, said: “With our unique range of digital solutions, we are paving the way for the future of the machinery industry, helping our customers, machine tool builders and machine tool users to take advantage of the rapid accumulation. Data is looking for newer, more comprehensive approaches to further increase productivity, quality and competitive advantage.” Innovation technology is based on data availability and transparency, which can be used to create “digital twins” for products, to produce “digital twins” and The performance of "digital twins" is precisely mapped and connected to all aspects of the industrial manufacturing process in a virtual environment. “The key is to use this data innovatively and turn it into valuable knowledge to improve performance and flexibility and reduce time-to-market,” Dr. Heuring continues.

Sinumerik ONE: Machinery digital native CNC system

By presenting the new generation of CNC system Sinumerik ONE at the Hannover International Machinery Show, Siemens demonstrated the essential elements of the digital transformation of machine tools. As a digital native product, the new control system, in collaboration with Create MyVirtualMachine software, creates machine control systems and their “digital twins” in an engineering system, enabling seamless integration of hardware and software. Uwe Ruttkamp, General Manager, Machinery Systems Business, Siemens Motion Control Division, said: “Sinumerik ONE is a core element of the digital transformation of the global machine tool industry, helping digital companies continue to grow. Depending on the seamless interaction between virtual and real product portfolios, machine tool builders The use of Sinumerik ONE with machine tool users can significantly reduce time-to-market and further improve machine performance."

Sinumerik ONE leverages powerful hardware and software to create “digital twins” that enable machinery builders to fully virtualize development and machine tooling processes. This can be used to significantly speed up the process and significantly reduce time-to-market while maintaining high quality standards. On the other hand, machine users will also significantly reduce commissioning time through “digital twins”. Users can set up the machine faster and perform part trials in the virtual environment to improve performance in actual production. Training does not need to be performed on a real machine.