Smart Factory Robot

- Apr 15, 2020-

Industrial robot is a multi-joint manipulator or multi-degree-of-freedom machine device for the industrial field. It can automatically perform work and is a machine that realizes various functions by its own power and control capabilities. Although not as good as humans, industrial robots are still much more flexible than many special machines commonly used in industrial automation (mechatronics solutions customized for a class of industrial applications or a customer). It can accept human command or run in accordance with pre-programmed procedures. Modern industrial robots can also act according to the principles and programs established by artificial intelligence technology.

Industrial robot consists of three basic parts: main body, driving system and industrial computer control system. The main body is the base and actuator, including the arm, wrist and hand, and some robots also have walking mechanisms. Most industrial robots have 3 to 6 degrees of freedom of movement, of which the wrist usually has 1 to 3 degrees of freedom of movement; the drive system includes a power device and a transmission mechanism for the actuator to produce corresponding actions; the industrial control computer is equivalent to The brain of the industrial robot determines the key factors of the function and performance of the industrial robot, and controls the parameters such as the movement position, posture and trajectory, operation sequence and time of movement of the industrial robot in the working space. The general industrial robot is applied in a relatively harsh working environment , The requirements on the hardware of the control system are stricter.


Due to the relatively harsh industrial environment, the hardware requirements for industrial robot control systems are more stringent, and ordinary hardware is not competent. Only industrial-grade industrial computer hardware can provide professional hardware product solutions for industrial robots.

TAICENN TBOX-2310 is a high-performance fan-less industrial Box PC model, it adapts Intel Celeron J1900 / J1800 CPUs, having advanced computer performance and low power consumption. TBOX-2310 storage can support 1 * mSATA and 1 * 2.5 inch SATA SSD or HDD; The design has a variety of communication interface, with 2 * LAN ports, 5 * USB 2.0 ports, 1 * USB 3.0 port, 6 * RS232 (Optional with 1 * RS485); The power input is DC 9 ~ 24V voltage, and has over-current, over-voltage and reverse-polarity protection.


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