Some Classic Application Scenarios Of 5G In The Industrial Market

- Aug 10, 2020-

With the further development of the industrialization process, manufacturers in the industrial market are reconfiguring old factories with new intelligent equipment-driven factories and machinery to promote the further development of scale. Eliminating the past old technology and equipment, introducing new technology and intelligent equipment, can effectively improve the versatility, flexibility and viscosity of the factory workshop, and maximize the use of space and increase productivity. With the support of Chinese National policies, Chinese industrial market is undergoing digital, interconnection, and intelligent changes to promote the harmonious development of industry.
The emergence of 5G technology has created unlimited possibilities for the further development of the industrial market. 5G not only provides faster connections and bigger broadband than WIFI and 4G LTE, but also provides better connectivity and lower latency, and supports thousands of devices at the same point to ensure ubiquitous connections. 5G network technology will provide greater flexibility, lower total cost and higher production efficiency for the reconfiguration, layout optimization and change of the industrial market.

At present, Industry 4.0 manufacturing, remote field control, and industrial smart parks are the classic application scenarios in the industrial market.


1. Industry 4.0

Smart factories are the main opportunity for 5G. The existing 4G LTE can achieve certain application scenarios, but the low latency and high reliability provided by 5G can release more value for smart manufacturing. 5G intelligent manufacturing can deeply improve the production quality of enterprises, increase production efficiency and product yield, and reduce labor costs and inventory pressure. The interconnection between industrial equipments creates a huge development in the 5G ecological manufacturing circle.
The intelligent manufacturing industry uses 5G technology, advanced monitoring equipment and technology, AR/VR technology and equipment, vision inspection equipment and software, industrial sensors, unmanned vehicles (AGV), industrial robots and PLC field equipment to achieve industrial manufacturing processing Monitoring and inspection, material monitoring and management, product quality inspection, production process monitoring and equipment management applications.


2. Remote site control

5G's extremely reliable and low latency communication URLLC (Ultra reliable & low latency communication) can be perfectly used for remote real-time field control, reflecting the unique advantages of 5G technology. Remote field control can be regarded as an extension of remote-control technology, which is widely used in industrial automation field, telemedicine, smart home, and smart mining area. 5G remote field control can significantly improve the production efficiency of industrial enterprises, reduce labor costs, and improve the safety of the production environment.
Using 5G networks, millimeter wave radars, measurement units, industrial data acquisition and sensing equipment, real-time remote control of industrial field vehicles and excavators, AGVs, medical surgical equipment, industrial robots, medical robots and other equipment to achieve remote mining or Implementation of telemedicine.

3. Industrial Smart Park
Smart parks using 5G technology can significantly improve the efficiency of the park’s operations and management. The park’s dynamics and potential hazards can be discovered and tracked in advance, and the park’s security risks can be reduced. The facilities of the smart park can improve the traffic efficiency of the park, reduce the incidence of traffic accidents in the park, and coordinate with the park workshops to jointly improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.
Use 5G networks, inspection robots, AGVs and unmanned vehicles, industrial sensors, monitoring equipment, signal control lights and on-site industrial equipment to realize park safety management and intelligent monitoring, and combine corresponding software to realize people, vehicles, roads, and industries Data integration and reliable management of equipment.


The 5G network is still being further implemented, and the application of 5G in industrial scenarios also needs to build an ecological closed loop in depth. Only in this way, the industrial market can realize industrial interconnection with the help of 5G.

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