State Council Plans To Increase Investment In Industrial Internet

- May 20, 2019-

At present, the construction of digital China is in full swing, and the vigorous development of the industrial Internet is clearly an important part of it. As an important support for the transformation and upgrading of the industrial sector and high-quality development, the industrial Internet is relying on the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing industry to gradually promote the “Internet” in China. + The core cornerstone of advanced manufacturing.

On May 14th, the State Council executive meeting was held to further promote the network to speed up and reduce fees; highlight the network capabilities in key areas such as industrial Internet, education, and medical care, increase effective investment; strengthen the construction of industrial Internet lines; and adopt new types such as industrial Internet. Infrastructure construction and manufacturing technology advancement are organically combined.

Not only that, the national informationization and software service industry work symposium held recently also pointed out that it is necessary to create an upgraded version of the two-in-one integration, accelerate the digitalization, networking and intelligence of the manufacturing industry, comprehensively promote the construction of the industrial Internet platform system, and continue to promote The implementation of the industrial Internet innovation development strategy, simultaneous promotion of platform construction and application promotion.

In fact, under the background of the accelerated entry of the manufacturing industry into the information age, digital upgrading has become an irresistible trend, and the industrial Internet is an indispensable driving force for industrial manufacturing. The development of the industrial Internet is a major global boom. It requires the active participation of enterprises and the strong support of the government. At this point, the Chinese government is very active.

Since 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has successively issued the "Guiding Opinions on Deepening the "Internet + Advanced Manufacturing Industry" to Develop the Industrial Internet", "Industrial Internet APP Cultivation Project Implementation Plan (2018-2020)", "Industrial Internet Platform Construction and Promotion Guide, "Industrial Internet Platform Evaluation Method", "Industrial Internet Network Construction and Promotion Guide" and many other policies set goals and direction for China's industrial Internet development.

Thanks to the dual benefits of the market and policy, the scale of the industrial Internet market is highly anticipated. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology estimates that by 2020, the scale of China's industrial Internet is expected to exceed 1 trillion yuan. GE expects that by 2020, the industrial Internet market will reach a global scale of $225 billion, far above the market size of $90 billion in consumer Internet.

In addition, according to relevant statistics, there are currently 269 industrial Internet platform products in China, which has surpassed the total number of other countries; the number of members of the Industrial Internet Industry Alliance has increased from 400 to 942. From all aspects of data, the development of the industrial Internet has entered a period of growth, and the future prospects are expected.

However, the development of the Industrial Internet is not completely smooth, and there is no "weakness." For now, the industrial Internet is still in the early stage of development, and it is still in the stage of exploration and improvement in standard construction. Insiders pointed out that the current industrial equipment agreements of different manufacturers are different, basically under the "island" phenomenon, the agreements are not compatible, in fact, it is not conducive to the unification of industrial Internet standards.

In addition, the development of the industrial Internet is also facing the major challenge of talent shortage. Experts said that the lack of core talents is more difficult to solve than the lack of technology and funding, especially in the short term. In order to promote the long-term future of the industrial Internet field, it is necessary to improve the relevant personnel training system as soon as possible to make up for the shortage of professional talents.

Finally, for the relationship between 5G and the Industrial Internet, it is also necessary to maintain an objective view. Some people think that the accelerated implementation of 5G technology will bring great help to the industrial Internet. Because in the Internet of Things, automation, or in the aspects of autonomous driving, car networking, etc., the value of 5G is huge. However, some people believe that the prospect of 5G integration into the development of industrial Internet is not so clear.

Previously, Intel demonstrated the application of 5G technology to reduce the occurrence of factory accidents, using machine vision, artificial intelligence and 5G technology to create a virtual danger zone, as long as someone enters, can pass 5G high speed, low latency, To close the robot arm or robot in time to avoid injury to workers.

However, at present, Chinese manufacturing enterprises, especially the manufacturing equipment of many small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, have not yet achieved complete upgrades. Even many manufacturers' equipments are still in manual operation and semi-automatic state, far away from intelligence, and cannot be industrialized. Internet applications match. Therefore, in the process of promoting the industrial Internet landing, it is still necessary to accurately implement according to the actual situation to avoid unnecessary waste or hidden dangers.