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- Feb 16, 2019-

Background: With the raise of labour charges in every area and country, the industrial & commercial automation fields develop very quick. We can feel that the outdoor industrial applications have been more and more popular, together with some outdoor commercial automation. These applications all have a common point that they are requesting a sun-readable display in outdoor environment; plus they have low cost feature in project. So to provide a suitable & competitive solution and products are very important.

Sun readable screen panel solution

Sun readability of a display depends on differences between the lumination (brightness) and the illumination (ambient light shining on a display). Lumination is the amount of light energy emanating from the display (cd/m2 or nits). The readability depends on the amount of light being reflected off the display. The simplest way to enhance visibility is to increase brightness. A standard screen emits 350, 300, 250 cd/m2. Some offers on the market feature 2,000 cd/m2. The result is good, but because of the added lamps, high bright LCDs have disadvantages including high power consumption, excessive heat generation, increased dimensions, electrical circuit reliability problems, and shortened LCD lifetime.

A second option is transflective technology. Some TFT LCDs are provided with a reflective mode of illumination without compromising transmissive illumination. With imposed reflective function, modified LCDs reflect ambient light passing the LCD cell and use reflected light beams as illumination. The stronger the ambient light, the brighter the LCD appears. The modified LCD is viewable under all lighting conditions including direct sunlight regardless of the LCD's original brightness. However, a regular transmissive LCD is difficult to read under strong ambient light without direct sunlight. Problems noticed in transflective LCDs include a narrow viewing angle, discoloration, low brightness, and loss of contrast.

Optical Bonding technology is the third option method. It enables coupling of the front glass and the internal glass, but the cost is high compared to what it brings in terms of quality; Also, the bonding technology manufacturer have a little high RMA rate, result in high materials cost. Features include a standard display, an enhancement film applied on the internal screen improving brightness and contrast, and a polarizing film applied on both sides of the touchscreen to reduce light reflection. The design includes a gap of 1.5 mm, between the two screens. This distance has the effect of reducing Newton rings or the circular rainbow effect which may be caused by non-uniform cell thickness, as well as other defects resulting in a flat surface in contact with a slightly curved one.

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TAICENN can provide high backlit solution and optical bonding solutions for outdoor sun readable applications and projects, including our Industrial touch monitor and panel PC series. All TAICENN touchscreen panel features anti-finger for industrial usage. And these technologies can provide more competitive price support to customers, especially more and more customers aim for a lower price for outdoor applications. At last, TAICENN can also provide native original high brightness LCD displays for customers, who have an enough budget for their applications and request everything original quality. It depends on cost and application outputs.

TAICENN, is a leading global solution provider of Embedded Box PC, Touch panel PC and industrial monitor, which are designed specifically for systems and applications that require excellent performance, high-level reliability and stability, long supply period and supports.

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