TAICENN Add 10.4” And 12.1” Dimension Into Our Slim Industrial Panel PC Line

- Jan 30, 2020-

In January 2020, as a solution provider & manufacturer of industrial computers and industrial display systems (human-machine interface) solutions, TAICENN actively responded to customer applications and product demands, adding 10.4 and 12.1 dimension to the TPC-DCM / DRM series product line.

The newly added 10.4-inch and 12.1-inch slim industrial panel PC are based on the TAICENN modular design concept, using TM-PC/PR series touch panel modules, true flat designed capacitive touch and 5-wires resistive touch screens, support front panel IP65 waterproof and dustproof, fanless design and ultra-slim design. It can be equipped with Intel Baytrail and Apollo lake processors, which has a price advantage in the market.


Considering the IO, expansion & performance, the new 10.4 and 12.1 dimension TPC-DCM/DRM series is designed with 2x Intel Gigabit Ethernet ports, 1x RS232 serial port (optional RS485), 4x USB ports, 1x HDMI video signal interface, can support 1x mSATA and 1x 2.5-inch SATA storage options. It can be equipped with a full-size Mini-PCIe slot by default, which can be used to expand 3G/4G/LTE, WIFI/Bluetooth wireless expansion, and industrial control modules. All dimension of TPC-DCM/DRM series supports Panel mount and VESA mount. It is very simple and lightweight for industrial field environment, suitable for SCADA / Fieldbus, process monitoring, MES system and other applications.

Optional high-performance low-power processor platform

The 10.4-inch and 12.1-inch TPC-DCM/DRM series industrial panel PC can optionally be equipped with Intel Baytrail J1900/J1800 processors and Apollo lake J3455/J3355 processors, which can be used for industrial automation applications with different computing capabilities.

Optimized IO interface to improve customer experience

Based on the optional processor platform, the 10.4-inch and 12.1-inch industrial touch panel PC are designed with 2x GLAN ports with Intel I211AT chips to ensure long-term reliable data transmission. At the same time, it can support up to 8GB DDR3 memory, 1x RS232 serial port (optional RS485), 4x USB ports, which are convenient for automation field peripheral applications.

Cost-effective solutions and products

The newly released TPC-DCM/DRM series industrial panel PC with 10.4 and 12.1 sizes adopt the TAICENN modular design concept. Compared to similar products in the market, this series of products has a great price advantage. This product uses TM-PC/PR series 10.4 and 12.1-inch industrial touch panels to improve delivery capacity and reduce inventory pressure. Both capacitive touch and resistive products use the same cut-out dimension and design structure, which is convenient for customers to switch on-site applications. No additional technical parameters need to be changed to ensure long-term supply and support.


Main features

-Small size 10.4 inch and 12.1 inch, 1024 * 768 resolution;

-High stability industrial grade LCD display, LED backlight;

-Multiple levels of processor platforms, with different computing capabilities for different applications;

-Single channel memory with a maximum capacity of 8GB (DDR3);

-Low power consumption, compact and fanless design;

-True flat design, IP65 rated protection on the front panel;

-True flat touch screen design, optional multi-point Pcap touch and 5-wire resistive touch, EETI touch controller

-Panel mount, support VESA mount method;

-Rich IO interface: 2x GLAN, 4x USB, 1x RS232, 1x HDMI, optional 2x 2w speaker;

-Optional wireless expansion module, support 3G/4G/LTE, WIFI/Bluetooth.

Current situation:

At present, the TPC-DCM/DRM series of 10.4-inch and 12.1-inch industrial panel PC are both able to deliver samples and batch PO. If you need it, please contact our sales person.