TAICENN Designate Roger Ge As Oversea Sales Director

- May 06, 2019-

Today, We TAICENN designate Mr. Roger Ge as our Oversea Sales Director for TAICENN technology. Mr. Roger Ge will lead the whole oversea team, and take over sales and marketing activities from now on. He will be working closely with customers to develop new exciting projects as well as lead the current oversea team, better help and support existed customers and projects. 

Roger Ge is a very professional guy in industrial & embedded fields, full experience with industrial applications & projects support. Among others Roger has worked within consulting and technical sales of industrial & embedded Storage products at RENICE. 

Feel free to contact Roger with any request or question you might have at: Mail: roger@taicenn.com.

TAICENN, is a leading global solution provider of Embedded Box PC, Touch panel PC and industrial monitor, which are designed specifically for systems and applications that require excellent performance, high-level reliability and stability, long supply period and supports.

Thank you for your support and cooperation!

For product: sales@taicenn.com