TAICENN Have A Meeting With Our USA Customer

- Jul 25, 2018-

Per TAICENN's invitation, our US customer Ben, managing director of Braemac company, visited our Shenzhen office under schedule in 24th-July 2018.

It was the first time for Ben to visit TAICENN company. Ben has been in industrial & embedded market for more than 20 years already. Braemac company started from Australia, and Ben was in charge of Braemac US branch company since the establish. Braemac Australia has owned 35% market in Australia country, and Braemac USA is also developing very fast.

TAICENN has supported Braemac US company for some projects already. And our face-to-face meeting has exchanged our views of the market, business relationship and future cooperation. We believe it will be a niche opportunity together.

- TAICENN Sales Department


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