TAICENN New Product Preview: ABOX-E81

- Apr 05, 2019-

As we all know, TAICENN have official released embedded Box computer model ABOX-E8 model. We are now developping a derivative model ABOX-E81, which specially designed with simple PCIe or PCI expansion slots. So, the new Embedded computer ABOX-E81 will be targeted for industrial & embedded market.

ABOX-E81 main features:

   - Support Intel® 6th /7th Celeron, Core™ i5/i3 CPU processors;

   - 14nm SoC;

   - 1x DDR3L SO-DIMM,Max. up to 8GB;

   - 2x Display ports; 4x COM ports;

   - 4x USB3.0 ports, 2x Intel RJ45 port; 

   - Max. expansion up to 4x COM ports;

   - 2x Mini-PCIe expansion support;

   - Support PCIe x4 or PCI expansion;

   - Wide voltage DC 12~28v power input.

ABOX-E81 pictures:

Industrial embedded PCEmbedded Box computer

Embedded box computerEmbedded box computer

Current status:

At this moment, ABOX-E81 model are on process now. Since it will comply with TAICENN modular 2.0 concept design, so it still need some times on designing stage.

And we forecast there will be some update in June-2019. We will update this then.

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