TAICENN New Released 8th-gen Whiskey Lake Industrial Box Computer Series

- Nov 26, 2019-

This time, TAICENN released new series of fan-less Industrial Box Computers TBOX-28X0 and TBOX-28X1 series, equipped with the latest 8th-gen. low-power 15w Whiskey lake-U processor, which can supply Celeron, Core i3, i5 , i7 processors options. At the same time, TAICENN utilizes the modular design concept and can be equipped with our TM-PC series and TM-PR series touchscreen panels to quickly achieve the same computing level of the modular industrial panel PC, to achieve rapid and stable supply, and also help our factory manufacturing inventory; optimize factory manufacturing processes.


The new 8th-gen processor series are released under the TBOX-2 series with rich IO interfaces. The TBOX-28X0 series integrates 2x Intel I211AT GLAN ports, 6x COM ports, 8x USB ports, 1x HDMI and 1x VGA dual display interfaces, 1x Line-out port by default; the TBOX-28X1 design adds 1x CAN port and 1x GPIO port to the front plate to meet the needs of some specific industrial applications.
The TBOX-28 series adapts a low-power Whiskey lake platform CPU to provide a wide-voltage DC 9 ~ 24v power input to support industrial onsite DC 24v power supply; the whole system uses a high-strength sheet metal box structrue and a large area aluminum fin heatsink cooling system to achieve fan-less design; Operating temperature can support wide temp. range of -20 ~ + 70 Celsius degrees, support wall-mounted installation, very suitable for industrial automation, industrial IoT, smart manufacturing, industrial robot, machinery manufacturing, CNC control equipment, industrial communication and other industries .


Product Status:
In the end of 2019, the samples will be further tested and debugged;
In early 2020, sample tests finished and small batch PO can be delivered;

In the first half of 2020, the products will be delivered in batches.