TAICENN Promote Minor Automation Enterprises

- Jun 15, 2018-

From a global perspective, industrial automation has the advantages of improving efficiency and promoting industrial development. From the domestic point of view, industrial automation has also been strongly supported by national laws, regulations and policies. Although there is a gap with developed countries, the future industrial automation rate will have a very broad scope for improvement, that is, the future Chinese industry will be able to carry out automatic production. 

TAICENN, as a leading one-stop solution provider & manufactuerer of industrial embedded computer system, industrial panel pc, industrial monitors. We are providing long term reliable & stable solution and products, to promote minor automation & industrial enterprises


In the first 20 years of this century, our country should basically realize industrialization and vigorously promote informatization, and further put forward that informatization is the inevitable choice of accelerating industrialization and modernization in our country. Automation is the bridge and link between informatization and industrialization development, and it is also an important stage of industrial informatization development in China. 

After years of development, industrial automation technology has become an important means to develop and improve the national economy. And more companies offering automation solutions are becoming more popular. Because not only help to promote the reform of traditional industries, but also help enterprises to rejuvenate new vitality. 

Enterprises providing industrial computer and display solutions such as TAICENN technology play a key role in transforming traditional industries, establishing automation industrial systems and high and new technology industries. "in fact, a lot of enterprises nowadays, special preparation is small and medium-sized enterprises all need automation solution, because the big enterprise already grasps the advantage, the small and medium-sized enterprise can only seize the opportunity to obtain the market." All industrial & automation application request computer systems. So a trusted and reliable industrial computer are too important for those automation enterprises.

The automation development of small and medium-sized enterprises needs to continuously improve automation. Only in this way can we continuously enhance efficiency and vitality, and only in this way can we have the motive force for the advancement of large enterprises. We TAICENN always try our best to support and promote industry development.