TAICENN Re-planned Full IP65 Stainless Steel Industrial Panel PC

- Apr 24, 2020-

Recently, TAICENN re-planned our Full IP65/66 stainless steel industrial panel PC TPC-SC/SR series. The key difference will be the IO connectors definition, including types, quantity, and position.

The TPC-SC/SR can meet full IP65 water-proof and dust-proof standard, supports multi-point capacitive touchscreen and optional 5-wires high-temp. precision resistive touchscreen, also optional with no touch feature. The stainless steel 304, 316 and 201 can be optional for applications. At the same time, TAICENN use the modular and standardized design concept, equipped with different industrial mainboards of multiple CPU platforms, to achieve rapid supply and stable delivery, while also reducing our factory inventory and manufacturing processes.


In terms of product development and IO interfaces, the TPC-SC/SR series select to use full IP65 aviation connector, 4* USB, 1*GLAN , 1* COM port, 1* DC port, and 1* selectable COM/GLAN port; Support Intel Baytrail J1900 platform solution, Apollo lake J3455 platform solution, 6th-gen. Skylake and 7th-gen. Kabylake Core i3, i5, i7 CPU solution; touch screen can be multi-point capacitive touch and high precision 5-wiress resistive touchscreen; the touch screen defaults to USB touch communication.

TPC-SC/SR supports standard VESA 75/100 installation and high-strength 304 stainless steel full IP65 sealing structure. It is very suitable for food and beverage processing lines, chemical and pharmaceutical factories, agriculture, and industrial harsh environment applications.

Multi-size design:

Standard VESA installation, standard 3 mainstream sizes, 15 inches, 17 inches, and 19.0 inches.

Rich IO & Flexible aviation connector customization:

Rich 8x IO interface. All of them can be changed according to the actual application needs of customers, or add IO interface to solve the problem of actual application requirements; also can change the position and direction of aviation connector according to the actual installation requirements of customers.

Resistive touch selection with the same cutout:

In addition to capacitive touchscreen, TAICENN TPC-SC series can also choose high-temperature precision 5-wires resistive touch screen, which is convenient for customers to choose the touch according to the actual application needs and fully protect the customer's touch feeling.

Multiprocessor platforms support:

TAICENN adopts the consistent modular design concept, and carries a variety of processor platforms at the fastest and lowest cost. It is suitable for different industry applications, and has a wide selection of resistive and capacitive touchscreen. It provides requirements for food, chemical medical and extreme harsh industriall field applications. 


Main features:

• 15, 17, 19-inch standard VESA 75/100 mount method;

• Optional Intel J1900, Apollo J3455, 6th/7th gen. Core i3/i5/i7 processor platform;

• Industrial-grade LCD screen, support -20 ~ + 60C working range, high quality LED backlight;

• Multi-point projective capacitive touch, optional non-touch and resistive touch options;

• EETI touch controller with precise touch algorithm, USB communication;

• Full IP65 protection level of the whole machine, stainless steel appearance structure, large area heat sink;

• Industrial waterproof aviation connector, 1*GLAN, 4*USB, 1*COM, 1* DC power, 1* Reserved IO;