TAICENN Release Industrial Handheld Tablet AH-C101

- Mar 07, 2019-

Today, TAICENN official released a new industrial handheld tablet computer. The model is AH-C101, specially focusing on logistic, electric power inspection and other inspection applications.

It designs with high strength aluminum body, anti-shock and anti-vibration, full IP65 rating protection. This AH-C101 industrial handheld tablet computer integrate with low power quad-core Intel baytrail J1900 processor, 10.1" wide screen industrial LCD display, multi-points (10 points) projective capacitive touch screen. The standard product designs with RJ45/USB/COM IO ports, also support Wireless expansion (WIFI/4G/BT), 1D/2D scanner, RFID(NFC) card, front/back camera. 

Main features:

  - Intel® 4th Baytrail J1900 quad-core, low power processors;

  - 10.1’’ industrial LCD display, brightness 350 nits, full viewing angle;

  - Multi-point Projective capacitive (P-cap.) touch screen;

  - Standard RJ45/USB/Com, support lots of expansion;

  - Support 1D, 2D code scanner, RFID expansion;

  - Support 4G wireless expansion;

  - Aluminum magnesium body, fanless design, full IP65 rating design;

  - High capacity Lithium battery, provide 6 hours working time.

Product images:

industrial handheld tablet

Current status:

At this stage, we have delivered small batch for customers' qualification. The mold is on the process now. Once we finish the molding process, we can deliver it very quick and cost-saving.

We forecast it to deliver batch PO from June, 2019.

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Thank you for your support and cooperation!

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