TAICENN Releases A New Ultra-small Fanless Embedded Box PC Series

- Dec 04, 2017-

To all TAICENN Technology valuable customers:

TAICENN just released a new Rugged Fan-less BOX PC series, which is specially designed for industrial machine vision, video recorder, industrial network applications.

TAICENN TBOX-36X0 series adapt Intel Skylake, Celeron 3855U, i3-6100U, i5-6200U and i7-6500U processors. It uses full-sealed fan-less box construction, which can prevent dust from entering the device. Large-area aluminum fin heat sink can distribute the heat effectively and quickly, ensures the longer reliability and stability. TAICENN TBOX-36X0 PC operating temp. is -20~+70C, can be suitable for longer-time operating and harsh environment industrial fields.

TBOX-36X0 series is provided with strong performance. It adapts 4 PoE ports, 4 USB 3.0 camera ports, and 16 channels DI & DO interface. The product is designed with excellent flexibility & operability, and always comply with the real requirement of industry scene. So TBOX-36X0 is very suitable different areas of industrial applications.

Product Key features:

• Rugged, sealed aluminum and large fin heat sink;

• Intel Skylake Celeron 3855U, i3-6100U, i5-6200U, i7-6500U processor;

• 5* Intel GLAN, support 4* PoE ports;

• 2* USB 2.0, and 4 *USB 3.0 camera ports;

• Support 32 channels GPIO, 16* DI & 16 *DO;

• Expansional with 3G/4G/ Wi-Fi;

• Industrial operating temp -20 ~ +70C;

• Extended power DC 9 ~ 36V.

Fanless Embedded Box PCFanless Embedded Box PCFanless Embedded Box PCFanless Embedded Box PC



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