TAICENN Releases New Rack Mount Industrial Touch Monitor And Modular Industrial Panel PC

- Oct 28, 2019-

This time, TAICENN released two series of rack-mount industrial touch monitor products, including multi 10-points capacitive touch and high-temp. precision 5-wires resistive touch, and also no touch function. At the same time, TAICENN use the modular & standardized design concept, using the rack-mount industrial touch panel and computer chassis, which is compatible with manufacturing into industrial panel PCs, enabling quick supply and stable delivery, while reducing our factory inventory and manufacturing processes.


In terms of product development and IO interface, TM-RC series adopts similar IO interfaces of our standard TM-PC series, 1* VGA and 1* DVI video input signal, supports synchronous or asynchronous multi-screens display; supports DC 12v voltage input, wide-voltage DC 9~36v input is also available; the power interface adopts the fastening type Phoenix power supply connector to ensure the complicated vibration environment of the industry; the touch screen adopts multi-point capacitive touch, high-precision algorithm touch controller; the touch screen is defaults with USB touch communication, optional with RS232 serial touch communication.
TM-RC supports 19-inch standard rack-mount installation. The mounting holes are compatible with various standard cabinets and network cabinets. The front panel is IP65 waterproof and dustproof. The high-strength sheet metal cabinet structure is ideal for industrial automation and machinery, CNC equipment, communication networks and other industrial occasions.

Multi dimensions design:
Compatible with 19-inch standard rack-mounting, it is designed in 4 sizes, 7U 15-inch display, 6U 15.6-inch widescreen display, and 8U 17-inch and 19-inch LCD display, which is convenient for customers to choose according to different industry needs.

Resistive touch option for the same hole size:
In addition to capacitors, TM-RR series uses TM-PR series high-temp. precision five-wire resistive touchscreen, which is convenient for customers to choose touch function according to actual application requirements. At the same time, combined with TAICENN true flat design concept, it has beautiful appearance and is very suitable for various types of industry use in the automation platform.

Modular design concept:
With the modular design concept, TAICENN is able to equip with a variety of computer chassis modules at the fastest and lowest cost. It can stabilize the supply of modular industrial panel PCs and realize the supply of various processor platforms, enriching the selection of resistive touch and capacitive touch, so as to provide a complete solution for the application needs of the customer's rack-mounted installation.


Main features:

  • 19-inch standard rack-mount installation method;

  • A variety of screen sizes are available, 15.0, 15.6, 17.0 and 19.0, high quality LED backlit LCD display;

  • Multi-point projective capacitive touchscreen, optional no touch and resistive touch selection;

  • High stability touch controller, USB communication, optional serial RS232 touch communication;

  • Aluminum-magnesium alloy structure with beautiful design appearance;

  • Multiple video inputs, protect 1* VGA, 1* DVI input, optional 1*HDMI for modification;

  • DC 12v input, optional wide voltage DC 9~36v power input;

  • Modular design concept for off-the-shelf industrial panel PCs

current stats:

At this stage, all the rack-mount industrial touch panel have been designed, the marketing team is working on the complete specification as soon as possible, and the factory will start small-scale sample production. We ensure that the sample supply is completed in the shortest time and the relevant support work is done for the customer.