TAICENN TPC-DCM/DRM Series Panel PC Newly Add Intel 8th Gen. CPU Platform

- Feb 10, 2020-

As a solution provider& manufacturer of industrial &embedded computer, industrial touch panel PC and industrial monitor products, TAICENN’s modular Panel PC TPC-DCM/DRM series newly adds Intel Whisky Lake CPU platform lines, providing more powerful computing for our industrial panel PC lines.


The newest Intel 8th gen. Celeron/Core Industrial Panel PCs is based on TAICENN unique modular concept design, using the standard TM-PC series industrial touch panel module and DCM series PC modules, true flat multi-point capacitive touchscreen or 5-wires high-temp. resistive touchscreen, which can achieve the front panel IP65 protection. The series TPC-DCM/DRM W is equipped with the latest Intel Whisky lake 8th gen. CPU processors, including Celeron and Core i3/ i5/ i7 processor options, compact and fanless design to achieve higher performance.
The new parts will be TPC-DCMxxxW series. “W”is using our normal name decoding methods, which means Intel Whisky Lake code; And “xxx”means Panel PC dimension as usual, which have 10 sizes for customers’choice.

In terms of expansion of this new series, the TPC-DCM/DRM series supports wireless expansion such as 3G/4G/LTE, and BT/Wi-Fi. The new panel PC series supports panel mount and VESA 75/100 mount for various of industrial application field environment, suitable for SCADA/Fieldbus, Smart production line, industrial automation, process monitoring, MES system, intelligent building, smart city and other industries.

High-performance computing platform:
The TPC-DCM/DRM series industrial panel pc is equipped with the latest Intel 8th generation Whisky Lake Celeron and Core i3/i5/i7 processor platforms. In addition, the Core I5 and I7 are quad-core and eight-thread processors, can burst to 4.1Ghz or 4.8Ghz, respectively, suitable for different levels industrial applications.

Optimized IO interface design:
The TPC-DCM/DRM series industrial panel PCs is designed with 2x Intel Gigabit Ethernet ports to provide long-term and reliable data interaction. It can support DDR4 memory, up to 16GB capacity, 2x serial ports, 6x USB (4x USB3.0) ports, 1x HDMI port, Line-out, very suitable for industrial automation applications.

Cost-effective solutions and products:
TAICENN TPC-DCM/DRM series industrial panel PC uses optimized modular design concept to reduce development costs and inventory costs, and the price is very competitive in the market. The display panel modules TM-PC/PR can support 15.0 ”to 24.0”sizes, ensuring a long-term stable supply period, and providing reliable hardware support for related applications such as industrial automation, industrial man-machine interface, and industrial Internet of Things. platform.

Both Pcap. and 5-wires Resistive touchscreen in a same cutout dimension:
The TPC-DCM/DRM series can be equipped with multi-point capacitive touchscreen and 5-wires high-temp. resistive touchscreen, and has the same mechanism design. The cutout dimension is exactly the same for both touchscreen options. The industrial touch panel PC is very suitable for various types of industrial automation application platforms.


Main features:
 sizes available: 10.4, 12.1, 15.0, 15.6, 17.0, 18.5, 19.0, 21.5 and 24.0;
 High-level LED-backlit LCD display;
 High-computing processors, 8th generation Whisky Lake Celeron and Core i3/i5/i7 platform;
 The latest DDR4 memory, which can support up to 16GB capacity;
 Low power consumption, compact and fanless design;
 True flat design, bezel free, front IP65 protection level;
 Same cutout dimension for capacitive and resistive touchscreen, EETI touch controller, easy switching on application site;
 Self-developed anti-fingerprint industrial capacitive touchscreen;
 Panel mount, support standard VESA 75/100 mount;
 Rich IO interface: 2x Intel Gigabit Ethernet ports, 6x USB ports (4x USB3.0), 2x serial ports, 1x HDMI, Line-out, DC 9 ~ 24V wide voltage range;
 Optional 3G / 4G / LTE, and Wi-Fi/BT extension.

current status:
The TPC-DCM/DRM has finished the mechanism design and is currently undergoing sample debug testing. It can be expected that small batch shipments will be achieved within the 1st Quarter this year.
If you need any TPC-DCM/DRM series information and documents, please contact the TAICENN sales team.