Talking About The Development Of Embedded PC

- May 24, 2019-

Industrial computers are industrial control computers designed for industrial use. Their basic performance and compatibility are similar to those of commercial computers. However, industrial computers are more focused on stability in different environments and require sturdiness in harsh environments. It is shockproof, waterproof, dustproof, and resistant to high and low temperatures.

Initially, industrial computers were only used for measurement, control, and management of industrial production processes. Nowadays, industrial computers have undergone earth-shaking changes, and the scope of application is no longer limited to the field of industrial automation. It has become the core of the automation equipment and information industry infrastructure.

As technology advances, industrial computers can assume greater responsibility and roles become more important. At present, industrial computers have been widely used in the fields of intelligent transportation, medical instruments, self-service terminals, and police equipment, and have been extended to financial services, network security, multimedia applications and other fields. In the future, the industrial computer architecture will be more interactive and operational, and integrate multiple information systems into an open, standardized platform.

With the continuous deepening of social informatization, the market demand for industrial computers will be further released. Industrial computers will provide important technical support for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and play an important role in many fields with broad prospects. At the same time, users have more diverse requirements for industrial computers, and personalization and customization will be the main form of the market.

In addition, industrial PCs are also characterized by a service-oriented approach that provides users with a lifecycle management solution. From systems to products to hardware, industrial computer companies will integrate upstream and downstream industry chain resources to better meet user needs.

According to the analysis of China Industrial Computer Industry Analysis Report, the average growth rate of China's industrial computer market is above 15%. With the advancement of technology and fierce market competition, the role of industrial computers has become more and more important, and has been widely used in the fields of intelligent transportation, medical equipment, industrial automation, and digital interaction. In the future, industrial computers will be more interactive and operational, and integrated with a variety of information systems to become an open, standardized platform.

Industrial computers are no longer limited to industrial automation, and the potential in all walks of life is constantly being tapped, market demand is growing, and the role played is becoming more and more important. In this context, industrial computer companies, processor boards or embedded motherboards, data acquisition boards, application systems and other industrial chain related companies will usher in important development opportunities. Industrial computers will provide important technical support for the upgrading of traditional industries, while the requirements for industrial computers will be more diversified. In the future, personalized and customized market demand will become the norm.