The 7th Intelligent Manufacturing Conference Was Held In Beijing

- May 10, 2019-

On May 8, the 7th International Conference on Intelligent Manufacturing, co-sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the China Science and Technology Association, was held in Beijing. The Party Secretary and Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology attended the opening ceremony and made a speech. The keynote report entitled "Capturing the Opportunities of the New Industrial Revolution and Promoting the Development of Intelligent Manufacturing to a New Level".

Miao Wei proposed that intelligent manufacturing represents the main direction of high-quality development of manufacturing industry, and is promoting systematic and holistic changes in traditional production methods and organizational forms, providing a basis and possibility for industrial transformation, upgrading and sustainable development. Looking at the development strategies of various countries, although the implementation methods are different, the target directions are basically the same. The fundamental point is to try to greatly improve the efficiency and efficiency of the manufacturing industry. It can be said that the same work is the same and the same way.

Miao Wei pointed out that the current combination of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and manufacturing not only empowers traditional production factors, but also breaks the constraints of limited supply of labor, capital, and land on economic growth. From the perspective of practice, promoting intelligent manufacturing not only effectively promotes the quality improvement and efficiency of the manufacturing industry, but also forms a new model that can be replicated and promoted, and drives the development of emerging industries.

Miao Wei stressed that intelligent manufacturing is a systematic project, the content is complex and huge, there is no precedent to follow. At present, the rapid development of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, 5G, and industrial Internet has injected new impetus into smart manufacturing. The deep expansion of open cooperation between countries and enterprises has opened up new space for intelligent manufacturing, but at the same time, the manufacturing model of interconnected sharing also gives intelligence. Manufacturing brings new challenges. To deepen the promotion of intelligent manufacturing, we must work hard to build an industrial ecosystem. Focus on four aspects of work:

   · First, focus on improving infrastructure, vigorously promote the development of industrial Internet innovation, and strengthen network security construction;

   · The second is to build a standard system and continue to develop and test the application standards of key, common and sub-sectors;

   · The third is to promote industry applications, accelerate the construction of a number of intelligent manufacturing public service platforms, and develop and expand system solution providers;

   · The fourth is to strengthen personnel training, explore the establishment of intelligent manufacturing talent training base, and build a professional talent team that understands manufacturing, understands information technology, and understands management.

Miao Wei said that at the roundtable summit of the second "One Belt, One Road" International Cooperation Summit Forum, President Xi Jinping clearly proposed to deepen cooperation in frontier areas such as smart manufacturing and digital economy. He hopes that more countries and enterprises will participate in the process of China's smart manufacturing promotion, share the high-quality development opportunities of China's manufacturing industry, and work together to write a new chapter in global smart manufacturing development.