The Advantage And Challenge Of Industrial Internet Development

- Jan 02, 2019-

There is no doubt that the Internet has entered the second half of the competition, with "algorithms, computational power and data" as the growth power, the target group is no longer consumers, but businesses in various industries. With the "interconnection of everything" possible, the Internet has also moved from "consumer Internet" to a larger, deeper industrial Internet. In May 2018, Tencent Cloud officially released an industrial Internet platform based on big data's application. To promote the digitalization and intelligent development of the manufacturing industry, and to help the traditional manufacturing industry to upgrade digitally; On August 1, Ali Cloud released the ET Industrial brain Open platform, based on which partners can easily implement industrial data collection, analysis and modeling, and quickly build intelligent applications. In September, Tencent again announced a strategic upgrade, hoping to embrace the industrial Internet as a "digital assistant" for all industries. 


The advantage that our country promotes industrial Internet on a large scale lies in two respects. On the one hand, the enthusiasm of enterprises is strong, and the listing of Foxconn industrial Internet companies has greatly encouraged the industry; on the other hand, there are state policies to vigorously support and promote, giving the industry a lot of confidence. However, the industry generally believes that the development of the industrial Internet still faces many challenges. The difficulties focus on four aspects: standardization, management of complex systems, construction of robust communication infrastructure and network security.

First, standardization. If the industrial Internet wants to connect all kinds of goods and services inside and outside the factory, many contents, such as communication mode, data format and so on, need to be standardized. Now, on the international standardization stage, the United States, Germany, Japan and other developed countries have been able to maintain their leading position for a long time because of their strong comprehensive manufacturing strength. At present, our country still plays the role of "listener" in the international standardization stage, which reflects the gap between China's manufacturing industry as a whole and foreign countries. China's manufacturing industry has been weak in product design and production process control, lack of standardization, and lack of international standardization thinking. 

Second, complex system management aspects. After the actual production process collaborates with the network of various business management systems, the whole system becomes more complicated, and it will be more difficult to manage it. 

Third, the construction of robust communications infrastructure. Mainly refers to the application in the industry, has the high reliability communication infrastructure construction. Of course, in this respect, China Telecom Xinjiang Company has a lot of layout. In early June, China Telecom launched the opening of the industrial Internet base in Xinjiang. 

Fourth, network security protection. In the era of the industrial Internet, after the factory and the outside world realize the network connection, the malicious software intrusion, the danger of the network attack will be further enhanced, the demand for the network security countermeasure and the solution will be more exuberant.

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