The Advantages Of Machine Vision Technology

- Jul 03, 2019-


The rapid development of industrial automation has greatly increased the production efficiency, thus putting forward higher requirements for detection efficiency. The efficiency of manual detection is in a fixed interval and cannot be greatly improved. In the process of repeated and mechanized inspection of the pipeline, the inspectors are prone to fatigue and the detection efficiency is reduced. Machine vision can detect products more quickly, especially in the production line. When detecting high-speed moving objects, the machine can improve the detection efficiency, and the speed can even reach 10-20 times of labor;


Ddue to the physical limitations of personnel, even relying on a magnifying glass or microscope to detect products, subject to subjective aspects, the accuracy can not be guaranteed, and the standards of different inspectors will also be different; The machine has obvious advantages in accuracy, and its accuracy can reach one thousandth of an inch. Moreover, the machine is not subjectively controlled, as long as there is no difference in parameter settings, multiple machines of the same configuration can maintain the same accuracy.


Manual testing will inevitably lead to fatigue, and at the same time there is a fatal flaw, that is, the subjectivity of emotions, the test results will change with the mood of the prosecutors; and the machine has no emotions, it brings The test results are naturally more objective and reliable.


The machine can complete the inspection work once and for all without the same fatigue in the same way; in contrast, the artificial long-term repeatability test will definitely cause fatigue, and each time the product is tested, there will be subtle differences, even if The product is exactly the same.


Machine vision converts the target into an image signal through the image capturing device and transmits it to a dedicated image processing system. During the measurement of the workpiece, there is no need to contact the workpiece, so it can adapt to the harsh and dangerous production environment. Contact damage to the workpiece; and manual contact inspection with the workpiece, because it can not cope with the harsh environment, and inevitably cause contact damage to the workpiece during the inspection process;


The cost machine vision investment will be more in the early stage, but it is a one-time investment, long-term output, because the development of machine vision is more and more rapid, the price will gradually decrease; while the manual inspection requires long-term investment, and the manual management cost will It is on the rise. Since machines are much more efficient than manual inspections, machine vision costs will be lower in the long run;

Information integration: 

Machine vision can measure the multi-technical parameters such as contour, size, appearance defects and product height of the product to be inspected at one time through multi-station detection method; while manual detection is in the face of different detection contents, It can only be completed through multi-station cooperation and coordination, and different employees have different testing standards, which is very prone to false detection;


The machine vision generated during the work process should be measured independently, and can be copied independently or copied by network connection to facilitate the statistical analysis and analysis of the production process. At the same time, it is also possible to export the specified data and produce the report after the test, without the need to add one by one, which is undoubtedly much better than the statistical data of the manual detection;

In general, machine vision contrast manual detection is characterized by automation, objectivity, non-contact and high precision. Especially in the field of industrial production, machine vision emphasizes the precision and speed of production, as well as the reliability in industrial field environment. It has great application value in repeated and mechanical work, and is important for enterprises to realize automatic production step.