The Current Market Size Of Computer Vision

- Jan 11, 2019-

The market for computer vision products will reach a new level in 2022, with smart driving achieving the biggest growth, followed by industrial vision testing, with revenue expected to reach $9.8 billion and security to reach $3.79 billion. Healthcare was $2.3 billion and entertainment $2 billion, with retail and agriculture growing at least $655 million and $197 million, respectively. At the same time, Tractica predicts that there will be a large number of hardware and software companies, such as semiconductors, and component manufacturers will invest heavily in 2022 to support the development of computer vision products. At present, there are more than 100 computer vision companies in China, including Face, SenseTime, Eto, Video and so on, which involve many applications, such as secure image, identity authentication, entertainment and so on. 


The picture above shows a forecast of the market size of computer vision applications in 2016-2022 in a report published by IDC last year on the China computer Vision Application Market in 2018 (part 1). According to each industry of computer vision market and the application scene with great potential, this paper analyzes the demand of users, the scale of technology adoption and the market pattern, and forecasts the development trend of application in different industries in the future. 

Global computer vision has entered a period of steady growth. Although our computer started late, it has developed rapidly. In 2015, the market scale of computer vision industry has already occupied the first place in the world and become the third largest market of computer vision. Global computer vision will reach 5 billion US dollars in 2018, which indicates that our country has a high advantage in the global computer vision market and the scale of industry development will continue to expand.

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