The Development Tendency Of Computer Vision

- Jan 11, 2019-

In recent years, in order to cut into the virtual reality technology, Apple plans to apply computer vision technology to IPhone mobile phones, Intel will apply computer vision to UAV research and development, and Intel will apply computer vision to UAV research and development. On the basis of computer vision, Xiaomi develops robot Segway Robot;, with artificial intelligence gradually occupying the market, the artificial intelligence technology in our country is progressing continuously, and the development trend of professionals' continuous analysis technology is pushing our country's technology to a new high point. 

The demand for safety and efficiency will continue to grow in the new year. Computer vision technology will continue to meet the needs of people in various industries. The state policy support for artificial intelligence industry also provides a favorable environment for the development of computer vision. China will also set up a global R & D platform at no cost to build a top-notch talent to achieve its competitive advantage in the field of global artificial intelligence and to reach the advanced level of technology. At present, our country occupies the superiority in the talented person aspect, and the artificial intelligence occupies the forerunner in the market, therefore the computer vision profession scale will expand unceasingly. With the maturity of computer vision technology, the ability of commercialization of enterprises has been improved continuously. It is believed that the scale of computer vision market will also usher in a new breakthrough in 2019.

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