The First Smart Road In Shenzhen City

- Oct 31, 2019-

Have you seen the traffic lights which can adjust by their own time? It will let car to go, when there are more cars than person; Or it will let person to go when there are more person. Have you seen a street lamp that will launch a free WIFI hotspot? Come to Shenzhen's first smart road - Qiaoxiang Road. The street lights here are smart and fast!

1, the traffic light adjustment time by itself
Renovate all signal control facilities of Qiaoxiang Road to realize flow adaptive control and human-vehicle induction control. According to the real-time traffic demand in all directions, the traffic lights are adjusted to achieve more traffic, and more people are released, so that the traffic efficiency of the entire intersection is the highest.


2, electronic police equipment to achieve intelligent law enforcement
Red light, indecent pedestrians, not driving on the arrow, not wearing a seat belt, illegally turning around? These can not escape the eyes of the electronic police, but also collect traffic flow parameters such as traffic flow and vehicle models, and provide real-time traffic data for intelligent signal control.


3, smart street lights provide WIFI free of charge
Through the smart street lights in the crowded public areas such as SZI Plaza, Wisdom Square, Wal-Mart, Qiaoxiang Village, etc., free wireless WiFi service is provided to the public, and people can access the Internet for free.

4, street light pole set information screen release service information
In the vicinity of large-scale community entrances and exits and bus stops, pedestrian information screens are set up by means of streetlight poles to provide services such as construction road reminders and bus arrival information. Where to build roads or traffic jams? When will your bus arrive? It can tell you!


5, multi-pole street light pole
Integrate various signs, monitors, etc. on a road pole. The total number of poles is reduced by 32%, making the road more tidy and beautiful. On the versatile, who is the streetlight pole?


6, Construction of four sectors
Construction of four sectors: video recognition, smart lighting, WiFi hotspots, pedestrian information screen. The light pole reserves the road and the coordinated infrastructure and the installation space of the 5G base station. The pavement facility monitoring can video-identify road surface diseases (cracks, potholes), manhole cover anomalies, road marking abnormalities, signage signs, guardrail damage, road area water, etc. Improve the level of road maintenance work.


7, "Smart Road Sticker" multi-function set
Qiaoxiang Road selects five key sections to build smart road stickers, including positioning, detection, prompting, self-organizing network and other functions in one, to eliminate repeated road excavation, and also to achieve vehicle trajectory tracking, driving safety tips, pedestrian crossing warnings, etc. application.


At present, the repair of the roads of Qiaoxiang Road and the main body of the traffic improvement project have been successfully completed. It has become a model for the smart roads in Shenzhen. It is not only efficient, but also the “face value” is also beautiful and beautiful. Do you want to experience the wisdom road?