The Future Development Direction Of Automation Industry In 2019

- Dec 27, 2018-

In the context of the transformation of the macro-economic structure and the deep adjustment of the market, China's GDP has increased by 25 years for the first time, and the industrial growth rate has dropped significantly. Affected by this, in 2015, after a small increase of two years in China's automatic market, in the annual depth of the 12th five-year end of the year, the annual shrinkage is over 8%. Where is the Yangchun in the future? 

After 2012, China's economic operation entered the “new normal”, and China's automatic market also returned to a stable and steady growth trend. In 2015, in the background of global demand and low energy prices, China's economy entered the period of structural transformation and the export was obviously shrinking. The growth of investment has declined substantially, the consumption demand is relatively stable, and the GDP breakdown 7 means that the traditional driving force of the market is fully attenuated while the production capacity and the inventory are removed, and the structure adjustment, The new market demand driven by the transformation and upgrading has not yet been formed. In 2015, China's automatic market is readjusted, the growth rate is 12 percentage points, the market scale is shrinking by 8.1%, and the market scale also falls to 1390 billion yuan. 

In the product, the high-voltage frequency converter, the process safety, the soft start and the liquid level instrument of the high-voltage frequency converter, the process safety, the soft starting, the liquid level instrument, the control valve not only the shrinking amplitude of 2015 is close to 20%, the average annual compound growth rate in the past three years also appears to shrink obviously. In the automation products with larger mass, the low-voltage frequency converter, PLC, CNC, DCS, pressure, liquid level instrument, flow meter and other products have been significantly shrunk. GMC's market growth of more than 10% over the previous two years has also declined slightly. 

From the industry, the growth of the OEM market in the past two years has been higher than that of the project-type market, according to the research report of China's automatic system integration industry in 2016-2021. The wind power industry has been holding more than 20% of the market growth in the past two years as the most main driving factor in the OEM industry. In addition, the national economic transformation promotes the industrial structure adjustment, heavy chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials and other traditional production capacity surplus industry, the project investment is gradually reduced, resulting in a further increase in the demand of the project-type market to the automation products. In the OEM market in 2015, the wind power and the electronic manufacturing equipment, National policy-oriented and consumer-related industries, such as transport tools and medical equipment, have maintained better market growth. In the traditional production capacity, the demand of overcapacity industry is shrinking, and the machine tool, textile machinery and rubber machinery are typical representatives. In 2015, the overall performance of the project-type city is light and the sub-segment industry, except for municipal, public facilities, automobiles and electric power, Much of the industry's investment has plummeted, and the project has been significantly reduced and the demand for automation products has shrunk considerably. 


With the strengthening, in-depth and adjustment of the national policies such as “supply-side reform”, “One Belt and One Road” and “intelligent manufacturing”, the author is cautious and optimistic about the future China's automatic market, and in the medium and long term, the future market will still maintain a new normal situation of small-scale growth; In the short term, the market in 2016 will shrink slightly, and the market situation is still not optimistic. The author thinks that in the future, China's automatic market will keep the growth rate at low speed with an average annual compound growth rate of around 2%. 

According to the sub-division, the future market in the Yangchun is mainly reflected in the supply-side reform to drive the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, to cultivate new market opportunities such as new industries and agriculture, and to meet the new market demand. The “One Belt and One Road” will vigorously promote the project construction and equipment manufacturing in the fields of high-speed rail/ railway/ highway, industrial/ industrial park, oil and gas pipeline/ oil-gas storage, electric equipment/ electric power engineering, storage logistics, ocean engineering equipment/ high-end ship and so on. The breakthrough development in the field of intelligent manufacturing will drive the development of numerical control class, machine human, software class, information class, analysis instrument class, visual inspection class and information safety class automation product and system.

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