The Industrial Computer Industry Ushered In New Reforms, With The Development Of Embedded Technology

- Apr 06, 2019-

In recent years, embedded industrial computer has become more mature in the application of industrial computer, and has begun to replace traditional industrial computer in some fields, such as from industrial assembly lines, to smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart speakers, to smart medical devices, multimedia devices, etc. .

With the popularization of computer network technology and the rise of industrial Internet, industrial control systems have begun to develop in the direction of intelligence, network and digital. As the core equipment of intelligent manufacturing, industrial computer products and technologies are required to be intelligent, networked, and digital.

The continuous development of embedded technology and continuous improvement, industrial computer products based on embedded systems have also become a major development trend in the industrial control industry in recent years. For small chemical control machines, low-power industrial computer, fanless industrial computer, etc. Adapting to the harsh working environment and all kinds of advantages, these industrial computer are also popular in the market. Now customers are not only satisfied with the single product, but also more inclined to provide the manufacturer with The industrial computer is the core overall solution, which can change the industrial service mode of the entire industrial computer.