The Latest Update To COVID-19 From TAICENN 0302

- Mar 02, 2020-

2nd -Mar. 2020, Shenzhen 
Ref.#: TN20030201

No infection reported amount TAICENN employee:
Until today (2020-03-02), no infections are reported amount our staff. All our staff are very safe and healthy.

Production & Engineering is totally resumed:
Under the guidance of our government, both factory & office have been totally (100%) resumed.
Therefore, the production line and order arrangement has been recovered. We are also working overtime to try greatest efforts for delivery.

The obvious impact:
The biggest impact on us now is supply chain, including materials delivery time and cost increasing. From our survey, the RAM and SSD cost increase heavy; Some specific LCD Displays delivery time is longer, also cost increase heavy; The package material cost increases heavy.
According to these increased costs and our low benefit, TAICENN will update and slightly increase our price to answer this obvious impact. But we will try our greatest efforts on order delivery.

Latest update:
According to the current situation, TAICENN decide to stop the update to COVID-19 after today. Once there will be any sudden break news, we will come back information again.

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