The Logistics Industry Will Be Intelligent

- May 28, 2019-

On the 28th, at the 2019 Global Smart Logistics Summit, Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba Group, said that in the next year or two, the “digitalization” of logistics will shift to “several intelligence”, and intelligence will become a major concern for all practitioners in the logistics industry.

Zhang Yong said that in 2018, the number of Chinese parcels delivered exceeded 50 billion, representing the rapid development of China's logistics industry. Last year, the peak of the double 11 package has reached 1 billion packages a day, which will be the new normal in the future.

Zhang Yong believes that the current development of the logistics industry is that the digitalization of parcels has been completed and is developing in the direction of digitizing all logistics elements and creating new logistics elements.

In terms of digitalization of parcels, Zhang Yong introduced that the rookie's electronic order makes each package clear and efficient, which further improves the logistics operation process. In the last 50 billion parcels, 300 parcels were used. Billions. The digitalization of parcels is also an important part of the overall digitalization of logistics.

Zhang Yong said that the rookie is now working with partners to make a comprehensive digital transformation of logistics elements such as warehousing, transportation vehicles, and small parts distribution equipment.

In the process of digitalization to “digital intelligence”, Zhang Yong proposed that changes in business form will have a huge impact on the logistics form. In the past, we paid more attention to the “quick-quiet province” for users to receive parcels. Now, we also need to meet the demand of customers (brands) for the overall efficiency of goods, which requires a deep integration of supply chain and logistics management. Zhang Yong believes that only through comprehensive cross-disciplinary efforts can a healthy and balanced overall development.