The Medical Industry 4.0 Is Full With Challenges And Opportunity

- Oct 08, 2019-

The industrial revolution has experienced the era of steam, electricity, and communication computing. So far, society has entered the era of industry 4.0, which is a fusion era. Nowadays, many industries have entered the industry 4.0 era, such as transportation and finance. However, the medical industry is still be in the state of industry 3.5.

The medical industry is moving towards Industry 4.0, which is full with both challenges and opportunities. As the medical industry moves towards Industry 4.0, it faces challenges such as technical challenges and shortage of medical staff. At the same time, the medical industry can further promote the development of the medical industry with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).


In the traditional medical device industry, the global annual growth rate is 5%. The vastness of the AI medical market stems from the high demand for medical reality. The existing data proves that artificial intelligence has a higher success rate than humans in accomplishing some tasks, and even replaces humans in individual tasks. Similarly, artificial intelligence is applied to the medical industry, which can improve the medical success rate.

One of AI's hottest technologies, Deep Learning, is Deep Learning, which uses the technology of Benevolent AL, the largest AI medical company in Europe, to speed up the reverse synthesis method. AI Medical uses machine vision and deep learning to build a screening platform for rare disease drugs. Character image analysis of cell microscopic levels can reflect phenotypic changes caused by genetic differences within cells. The effects of drugs can be assessed by automated cell microscopic image analysis software that analyzes changes in microscopic phenotypes of cells under specific drug action. In addition, AI Healthcare uses deep learning and compound screening as well as an open platform to mine the value of genomic data, which can also accelerate new drug development.

TAICENN provides hardware solutions for AI Healthcare to support industrial computers, industrial flat panels and industrial display products used in the medical industry, providing the necessary hardware support for medical services to Industry 4.0.