The New Development Of Industrial Embedded Computer

- Dec 07, 2018-

Industrial embedded computer (IPC) is a computer specially designed for industrial control. It is used to monitor and control the machine equipment, production process and data parameters used in the production process. Industrial control products and technologies are very special, belong to intermediate products, is to provide other industries with reliable, embedded, intelligent industrial computers. 

IPC often runs in a harsh environment, so a IPC is usually designed for reinforcement, dust, moisture, corrosion and radiation protection. The data security and expansibility of IPC are very high. The interface design needs to meet the specific external equipment, so in most cases, IPC needs to be customized separately to meet the requirements.


Due to the development of technology and the type of enterprise, the application of industrial control computer is more and more extensive. Once upon a time, industrial control computers were mainly used in the measurement, control, management and other aspects of industrial production processes. Nowadays, their applications are not limited to industry only. They have been gradually moving from power, industry, and other fields to robotics and rail transit. Agricultural equipment, energy conservation and new energy and many other areas of expansion and extension. 

At present, the development of industrial control computer in China has made obvious progress in technology and application. With domestic enterprises taking the initiative in the market and gaining a certain scale in the market, the development of industrial control computer in our country is gradually entering the accelerating period of development. In the future, with the value of industrial control computer continuously prominent, and the industry development needs to be raised again, China will also usher in more new technologies, new products and new applications, together to promote the development of the industry towards maturity.

With the development of technology and the maturity of market and users, the market of industrial computer presents a new development trend in the new situation. 

Firstly, customized products challenge the market of general-purpose products. In addition to technological breakthroughs, in recent years, more and more industrial computer manufacturers have begun to pay more attention to the needs of customers, provide customized services and products for customers, and continuously introduce industry-specific products and solutions that meet the needs of customers. Pay more attention to application requirements. 

Second, the application industry to achieve a breakthrough. From the perspective of the industry of industrial computer application, while the traditional industries such as metallurgy, electricity, petrochemical and other industries in the past have gradually declined, some new application markets have been emerging, such as finance, medical treatment, and intelligent transportation. Self service terminal etc. At the same time, the Internet of things, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent life, intelligent agriculture, car networking, big data, cloud computing and other emerging applications have produced a large number of incremental markets, the industrial computer market has another growth point: "according to developed countries such as Japan, Germany's standards, domestic industrialization, informatization, digitization, and intelligent level must be greatly improved. The existing stock market needs upgrading and transformation. These are the growth points of the future industrial computer market. " 

Thirdly, the change of sales model and strategy. In recent years, in order to adapt to the development of the market, some industrial computer manufacturers have changed the original sales channels and models, and adjusted the sales strategy of direct sales distribution. 

Fourthly, the prospect of embedded industrial control computer can be expected. Embedded industrial control computer (IPC) is a kind of reinforced and enhanced industrial computer, which can operate reliably as an industrial controller in industrial environment. Because of its reliable performance, no fan structure, compact volume and easy maintenance, embedded IPC is widely used in IPC. The reason why embedded industrial control computer has become a hot spot is that some customers in some fields are restricted by the use of environment and space, so they must choose such products; The second reason is that the design of embedded industrial control computer such as shape size and extended interface are non-standard products, which belong to the characteristics of customized development products. Customised products are not as direct and price transparent as standard IPC products, so more manufacturers advocate such product development. In the future, embedded IPC will have a great market advantage, especially the current low-power x86 architecture products have a very good performance, can meet the technical requirements of most industrial customer applications. And now and in the future more industrial automation products introduce the industrial fieldbus communication function, so this brings the application space or the function of complement each other for the embedded industrial control computer in expanding the board. With the expansion of the application field and the increase of the customer base, embedded IPC will develop more deeply and more carefully in the industry, and even the industry-specific embedded IPC system products will become the mainstream. It includes special hardware and industry software.

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