The Port Is Berthed With Zero Accidents, Thanks To The System Equipped With The Industrial Computer

- Mar 19, 2019-

The sea port is a barometer of the economic situation of a country or region. The prosperity of the port indicates that economic growth is improving; the port is sluggish, indicating that the economic momentum is insufficient. Under the background of China's rapid economic growth, ports across China have also shown a booming scene. For the port, orderly, efficient and smooth, it is the pursuit of a port. So how can we ensure that the port is unimpeded, efficient and orderly?

industrial computer

For the unimpeded, efficient and orderly protection of the port, a variety of measures are needed. Of course, this is naturally the help of technical means. For the means of technical means to help modernize and informatize ports, it is necessary to say that the port assists the berthing system. In today's port throughput growth year by year, the traditional approach is stretched. The modern port-assisted berthing system can greatly improve efficiency and effectively reduce the accident rate.

So what kind of system is this fascinating port-assisted berthing system? It applies the embedded computer to the auxiliary berthing system and uses infrared technology for distance monitoring to help speed up the landing and offshore speed of the ship and also improve the safe passage coefficient of the port.

In view of the special environment in which the port is located, as well as the large number of vessels entering and exiting each day, it is necessary to handle a large number of control tasks and instructions, which have extremely high requirements for the system's efficiency, stability, reliability and safety. Therefore, in the computer hardware of the port auxiliary berthing system, more reliable and durable industrial computer products must be selected.

embedded computer

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