The Transformation 5G Brings To Industrial Displays

- Apr 10, 2020-

Through the combination of automation technology, artificial intelligence and cloud computing, the Internet of Things has truly realized the transformation from traditional industry to intelligent manufacturing.

For the Internet of Things, the high requirements for the network are a major obstacle to its development, but as 5G gradually becomes commercial, the problem of the Internet of Things will be solved, and it is fully prepared for the development of various market segments . Because 5G has the advantage of high transmission rate, it also makes the industrial Internet of Things field the most beneficial segment.


TAICENN is committed to the research and development of digital self-service terminal services and other fields, and provides professional solutions to the needs of R & D and production of industrial Internet of Things hardware and software equipment, adding new help to enhance the city's complete service system!

With the increasing market demand for displays, industrial displays are not only used in the industrial field due to their superior performance characteristics. TAICENN industrial displays can not only be used flexibly in industrial scenes, but also in the fields of artificial intelligence, security, medical, education, business intelligence terminals and information communication.

It can be said that the arrival of 5G is a brand new turning point for the Industrial Internet of Things. The same is true for industrial displays. With the high transmission capacity of 5G, in the future, industrial displays will get a qualitative flight in data transmission and display!