The Unmanned Storage Is Coming

- Dec 12, 2019-

The operations of unmanned warehouses mainly include warehousing operations, storage operations, order picking operations, and packaging operations. The automation equipment involved mainly includes logistics robots, robotic arms, and automatic shuttle vehicles. As the "decision making mechanism" in the automation system, the industrial computer completes the coordination and command of the operation of the entire computer system.


According to a comprehensive report from Reuters and other agencies, in order to speed up order processing, Amazon is planning to gradually replace thousands of employees with automatic packaging machines. The packaging robot can browse the goods off the conveyor belt and pack them into customized boxes in the next few seconds. It can pack 600-700 packages per hour, which is 4 to 5 times the speed of human packaging.

In the definition of a manipulator, a manipulator is an automatic operation device that can imitate certain movement functions of human hands and arms to grasp, carry objects or operate tools according to a fixed procedure.Its characteristics are that it can be programmed to complete a variety of anticipated tasks, and has the advantages of both human and mechanical handsets in terms of structure and performance. 

As the "brain" of the manipulator, the emergence of industrial control machines, with embedded installation methods, will affect the evolution of various manipulators.