US Sanctions Will Only Allow China To Advance In Intelligent Manufacturing

- Jan 04, 2019-


Although most countries around the world are very friendly to "made in China", the United States, the world's largest economy, is taking a different approach to suppressing the rising Chinese.

On March 5, 2015, Premier Li Keqiang presented the grand plan of "made in China 2025" for the first time in the National Congress. In just three years, the plan has not only been popular at home, but also iconic for global nations and businesses on the international stage. While most countries around the world are friendly to "made in China", the United States, the world's largest economy, has resorted to a slew of repression against the rising Chinese.

US sanctions will only allow China to advance in Intelligent Manufacturing

In April 2018, the U.S. government announced it would ban ZTE from buying sensitive products from U.S. companies for the next seven years. Immediately, the AH shares of ZTE were suspended from trading. As a result, ZTE's main business activities could not be carried out. Although it finally contacted the ban on sales, it had an impact on ZTE's network construction in the world and in China. Most likely to affect the future of the five-gigabyte network.

Not long ago, Meng Wenzhou, vice-chairman of Huawei, was arrested in Vancouver, Canada, and the United States asked for extradition. This incident has caused a very bad impact in the world. This time it is also likely to be aimed at Huawei's current state of operation and related core technologies. It should be pointed out that on the issue of extradition, Trump has exposed the ugly face of his businessman background. He expressed the hope that the incident of Meng Yen-zhou would be used as a bargaining chip in negotiations with Beijing. But Canada's foreign minister responded with warning against Trump's demands.


In addition, in November, the Department of Commerce's Industrial Safety Administration introduced a proposal for export controls on key technologies and products, listing 14 technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and biotechnology. 


What we can see behind Huawei, ZTE's sanctions and technological controls is that the rise of Chinese technology, the revival of manufacturing, the rapid growth of China has surprised the world, on chips, With technology such as the Internet of things making its way, or even 5G technology, China is a global leader, the United States is even more terrified of its top economy.

To quote British professor Robert Rosiyi in his speech "Why the United States must slow down the Development of China's economy," the US economy has been slowing for 15 years, with GDP growth of just 2.4%. The only way to help America be stronger than China is to slow the Chinese economy. 

After being oppressed frequently by the United States, Chinese science and technology enterprises should learn from the pain, seriously reflect on themselves, and truly develop into independent innovation and occupy the position of holding the initiative.

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