What Are The Advantages Of Industrial Panel PC In Industrial Automation?

- Jan 08, 2020-

Industrial automation solutions provide a production base for shaping the smart factory of the future. The network brings rich multimedia and human-machine interface capabilities, seamless I / O interfaces, and wireless connectivity to manufacturing equipment and products. 

Industrial automation solutions provide you with a variety of enhanced low-power system options, and can be quickly customized, even under harsh plant operating conditions, industrial Panel PC can achieve ultra-reliable 24 hours of uninterrupted operation.


When it comes to industrial production, we must think about how the assembly line workshop works. Workers stand by the assembly line and repeat one thing. With the development of industrial automation, manual assembly line work is gradually replaced by intelligent equipment. Such equipment cannot reduce labor and greatly improve efficiency, all of which cannot be separated from industrial Panel PC.

Industrial automation solutions can greatly reduce development and management costs caused by the deployment of complex IoT systems. In addition to simplifying the collection, processing and display of production data to improve production efficiency and flexibility, real-time monitoring of the status of production machines and energy consumption of equipment, lighting, and air conditioning equipment can be used to reduce operating costs. Core applications include:

1. data analysis

Real-time data processing and analysis to prevent power system breakdowns, ensure better productivity, and reduce labor, material, and energy costs.

2. data collection

With a wealth of industrial Panel PC I / O connectivity options, important data can be collected from manufacturing equipment, air conditioning equipment, heating systems, lighting materials, and sensors.

3. data visualization

Real-time display of important production data in a rich, user-friendly format to improve operator productivity and optimize production lines.

4. monitoring and control

Redundant network settings ensure 24- hour remote monitoring and control in an end-to-end environment .

Nowadays, with the rapid development of industry and the continuous upgrading of technology, a series of programs such as control, detection, jump reading, optimization, management, and decision-making in the industrial production process can be embedded in simple, convenient, and more efficient programs Smart industrial Panel PC.