What Are The Hardware Maintenance Measures For Industrial Panel PCs?

- Dec 16, 2019-

The hardware of industrial Panel PCs mainly includes hard disks, optical drives, etc. In daily use, attention should be paid to the maintenance of its hardware. Running at extremely high frequencies and very frequently in any industry. No matter what kind of operation and function requirements, the operation should be standardized.

The first is hard disk maintenance. 

When use an industrial Panel PC every day,please do not disassemble the hard disk at will to avoid vibration and compression. When the hard disk is running,don't turn off the computer. Suddenly shutdown can cause hard drive track damage and data loss. Do not touch the jumper on the hard disk at will. Transport must be packed in anti-static plastic bags or secured with shock-proof materials, such as sponges, and frequently checked for viruses to prevent corrosion. When the operating system has energy-saving features, it should be used reasonably to extend the life of the hard disk.

The second is maintenance of the optical disc drive.

When using indsutrial Panel PC,please do not open the door of the optical drive at will. Do not use damaged or pirated discs to prevent dust from entering the optical drive. Do not shake, deform, or hit during the use of the optical drive. Make sure the optical drive can read the disc smoothly.