What Are The Requirements Of The MES System For Industrial Panel PC?

- Apr 13, 2020-

At present, MES is not only a system for the production site, but also a system that connects the field layer and the management layer to improve the efficiency of production and management. It is an important information system used in various manufacturing industries.

As the core equipment for MES data collection and analysis, industrial Panel PC are mainly used to complete the production product parameter status display, statistical fault maintenance record query, display historical data query and system operation status control. By setting user access rights to ensure the safe and reliable operation of each production equipment, so as to meet the real-time monitoring and comprehensive needs of its production process.


Therefore, it has the following requirements for industrial Panel PC:

1> In order to achieve reliable data transmission, security and backup functions, to meet the access of different devices on the scene, it can carry out WIFI wireless data transmission. Therefore, the interface should be rich and can support multiple USB interfaces, network ports and serial ports.

2> Rugged and durable, can work in a wide temperature range, and is waterproof and anti-vibration.

3> Realize electronic kanban management.

4> Can be easily installed in different environments, easy to use and maintain.


5> The on-site environment requires that you can wear gloves to touch the operation, and oil pollution does not affect the operation.

6> The data collection should be accurate, and it can realize automatic collection and automatic release.

7> There is also a strong computing and data processing capability, and its short response time enables real-time collection of operating status.

8〉 Support embedded installation or bracket installation or install in the cabinet.