What Is A Fanless Industrial Computer

- Dec 06, 2019-

Fanless industrial computer is a compact computer designed for industrial applications.It has the flexibility to be used in demanding environments such as automotive and medical, retail, surveillance, electronic signage, factory control, and other low-power systems.

Fanless industrial computer function

1. It adopts the all-metal industrial chassis that complies with the "EIA" standard to enhance the ability to resist electromagnetic interference.

2. There is no fan inside the case, which depends on the heat dissipation of the case, which greatly reduces the maintenance requirements of the system.

3. With a highly reliable industrial power supply, and over-voltage and over-current protection functions.

4.With self-diagnostic function.

5.With "watchdog" timer, in case of collision, it can be automatically reset without manual intervention.

6.Easy to perform multi-task scheduling and operations.

7. Small volume, thin volume, light weight, save working space.

8. A variety of installation methods, such as rail mounting, wall mounting and desktop mounting.

TAICENN solution & Product:

As a manufacturer of industrial box computers, industrial panel PC and industrial touch monitor products, TAICENN has repeatedly communicated with system-integrator customers to discuss and summarize the actual application environment and hardware platform requirements. The system requires a reliable fanless industrial Box computer, supports Ubuntu operating system; the system can support remote automatic restart function, support multi-serial ports and device communication, rich IO interface, such as USB, network and wireless expansion function.