What Is A GPU Industrial Computer?

- Apr 29, 2020-

Graphics processor (English: Graphics Processing Unit, abbreviation: GPU), also known as display core, visual processor, display chip, its purpose is to design an electronic circuit designed to accelerate the creation of instant 3D images in the frame buffer for display . GPU accelerated computing is usually combined with CPU to accelerate deep learning, analysis and complex engineering applications.

GPU is used in embedded systems, mobile devices, workstations and game consoles. It is very effective in manipulating computer graphics and image processing, and can be embedded on independent boards and motherboards. The industrial computer that supports GPU series graphics cards is called GPU industrial computer. . The display chip (GPU) is the most important chip in the graphics card of the industrial computer. It is responsible for the graphics and image processing in the industrial computer. It is specifically designed to perform complex mathematical and geometric calculations. At present, most of the graphics cards use NVIDIA and AMD. Display chips produced by the company.


GPU industrial computers are designed for high-end artificial intelligence and edge computing, and can be used in traffic vision, telemedicine, intelligent control, deep learning, artificial intelligence, voice reorganization, and any graphics performance-driven Industry 4.0 / IIoT applications.

At present, GPU industrial computers on the market mainly adopt the design and manufacture of embedded and fanless embedded platforms. Using fanless design experience and heat dissipation design, the heat energy generated by high-performance graphics cards can be effectively discharged, so wide temperature operation can be achieved. Rugged mechanism design can be applied to any industrial or narrow environment.

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